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Les "premières" du Robin Hood de la BBC

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MessageSujet: Les "premières" du Robin Hood de la BBC Lun 13 Sep - 19:39

Les réalisateurs de la série,Dominic Minghella et Foz Allan, avaient prévenu le public qu'ils dépoussièreraient la légende , aussi ont-ils décidé de faire de nombreuses "premières", en incluant dans la série certaines choses ou certains détails plus ou moins importants qui n'avaient jamais été faites auparavant.

the BBC RH "establishes October 14th as Robin Hood's birthday", and some of us were saying that this is by far not the greatest contribution of the series to Robin Hood lore. I thought it would be nice to list our series' unique additions to the RH legend. Let's do them one per posts and no posting twice in a row, so that more people can join in the fun

(Just a quick note before somebody else says it; this is NOT the first version of "Robin Hood" to kill off Maid Marian. I can think of a book and a film in which she dies before her time. It is perhaps the first version in which she's murdered.)

I'll start and be entirely predictable:

1. Transforming Guy of Gisborne from a traditional Robin Hood villain into a conflicted and redeemable antihero who becomes Robin Hood's ally by the end of the series.
2. The first female Saracen.
3. First female sheriff.
4. First version in which a gambling casino is used as a pivotal venue in the plot.
5. The first Marian who buys sweaters at The Gap.
6. First version to bring in a half-brother of two mortal enemies to take Robin Hood’s place.
7. First instance of the Sheriff having a sister.
8. First show with Robin using Saracen weapons (bow, sword) I do believe.
9. First Robin Hood where Robin's BFF is Much the Miller’s son.
10. First version of Robin Hood in which Tuck is a warrior monk and a scholar, rather than the fat jolly guy with a weakness for booze.
11. First version of Robin Hood in which Tuck is played by a black guy.
12. The first version in which Robin Hood actually cries.
13. The first version where Marian goes to the Holy Land.
14. The first version to make Allan-a-Dale a spy in the gang/reformed traitor.
15. The first to have a member of Robin's gang spying for the Sheriff.
16. The first use of pepper as a weapon.
18. The first version in which Robin has a romance with Guy of Gisborne's sister.
19. The first version in which a lion stalks around Sherwood forest.
20. The first in which Robin's famous final shot destroys Nottingham Castle.
21. The first show in which the name Robin Hood can refer to several people and their cause (the "we are Robin Hood" concept is introduced).
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Les "premières" du Robin Hood de la BBC

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