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Robin de Locksley [UC]

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MessageSujet: Robin de Locksley [UC] Ven 26 Fév - 19:10


    > Nom(s) VO: Robin de Locksley, Robin des Bois
    > Nom(s) VO: Robin of Locksley, Robin Hood
    > Date de naissance : 14 octobre 1167
    > Titre(s) VF: Seigneur de Locksley, Comte de Huntingdon, et Héros de Acre
    > Titre(s) VO: Lord of Locksley, Earl of Huntingdon, and Hero of Acre
    > Situation : Ancien noble devenu hors-la-loi
    > Occupation(s) :
    -Voler aux riches pour donner aux pauvres
    -Se bat pour l'Angleterre et le roi Richard
    > Épouse : Marian de Knighton
    > Adresse : Manoir de Locksley / Forêt de Sherwood
    > Origines : Anglaises
    > Affiliations : Garde Privée du Roi (King's Private Guard) / Roi Richard / Outlaws
    > Description générale:
    Intelligent, idéaliste, arrogant mais aussi altruiste, ironique, héroïque, Robin de Locksley n'a pas peur de l'autorité et il est très intrépide. Ses actions sont toujours fondées sur de solides principes.

    A son retour de Croisades, Robin continue de se battre pour la Justice à Nottingham où l'avidité, les impôts et la pauvreté règnent en maître. Il va donc faire tout son possible pour déjouer les plans du Shérif ... Mais pour cela, il a besoin de Marian et de ses fidèles compagnons !

    Cinq ans avant le début de la série, il est parti en Croisades en tant que membre de la garde personnelle du Roi Richard. Il en reviendra traumatisé et blessé. En effet, lors d'une attaque surprise des Sarrasins, Robin est blessé sur le flanc gauche, ses points de suture vont s'infecter et il lui faudra du temps pour se remettre sur pied. Afin qu'il puisse se soigner et se reposer après des combats éprouvants, aussi bien physiquement que moralement, le Roi le fit revenir au pays en compagnie de son fidèle compagnon, Much.

    Choqué de voir ses terres en ruine et ses paysans en train de mourir de faim sous la coupe de Guy de Gisborne, le bras droit du Shérif, Robin essayera en tant que noble, de réformer le système. N'obtenant aucun résultat, à part peut-être se faire de Guy de Gisborne et du Shérif de Nottingham des ennemis, il va publiquement s'opposer à eux lorsqu'il sauvera de la pendaison, Will Scarlett et Allan A Dale qui le suivront par la suite dans la forêt de Sherwood. Il va alors devenir un hors-la-loi, combattant le Shérif pour améliorer la condition des habitants du Comté de Nottingham et déjouer les cruels plans du Shérif et de ses hommes.

    Robin "joue aussi au chat et à la souris" avec Marian, la fille de l'ancien shérif, avec qui il était fiancé avant de partir en Croisades. Les deux jeunes gens se cherchent constamment, et il est visible qu'ils ont encore des sentiments l'un pour l'autre. Robin sera même jaloux de l'attention que porte Gisborne à Marian. Et quand il la croira morte, il sera accablé de douleur et de chagrin ...

    Dans la saison 2, Robin va découvrir les plans du Shérif pour assassiner le Roi Richard et récupérer encore plus d'argent et de pouvoir. Les évènements vont l'amener à retourner en Terre Sainte pour tenter de sauver le Roi. Alors qu'il est à nouveau fiancé à Marian, cette dernière est mortellement blessée par Gisborne. Robin l'épouse sous les yeux du Roi Richard avant qu'elle ne meurt dans ses bras.

    Au début de la saison 3, Robin est de retour en Angleterre. Il ne cherche qu'à se venger quand il rencontre Frère Tuck qui va l'aider à panser ses plaies et à continuer à se battre. Désormais, il décide de passer à la vitesse supérieure pour débarrasser l'Angleterre des gens qui l'oppressent.
    Generally known as Robin Hood, portrayed by Jonas Armstrong in the 2006 TV series. This version of Robin is much younger than many of the previous actors to have played the character. Armstrong described his portrayal of Robin Hood as "A believable superhero... Like all leaders, he's an egoist and he's often quite arrogant. He's not an out-and-out hero...He has an undercurrent of darkness."[1]

    At the outset of the series, Robin has just returned to England after five years fighting in the Third Crusade as part of the King's Guard, during which he was honoured by King Richard and almost mortally wounded. He is Earl of Huntingdon, and Lord of Locksley Manor and its estate. In the early episodes, it becomes clear that his memories of the Crusades have affected him strongly, making him unwilling to take a human life. This is given as the main reason why he does not kill the Sheriff or Gisborne early on, even though it is clear that doing so would save many lives.

    It is also shown that he had been engaged to marry Marian, an arrangement that seems to have been dissolved by his departure. He still has strong feelings for her when he returns and is pleased that she is still unmarried. She initially shuns him upon his return and rejects his attempts to charm her. They become closer over the course of the first series, Robin frequently visiting her at home under cover of darkness. He is devastated when she becomes engaged to Guy of Gisborne in order to keep herself and her father safe, and even contemplates leaving Nottingham on the day of her wedding to Guy.

    A darker side of Robin's character is revealed when he realises that it was a masked Gisborne that he prevented from killing King Richard whilst in the Holy Land. This sends Robin into a rage and he attempts to kill Gisborne in his anger, compromising his own teachings and beliefs about killing only when necessary. Though prevented from killing Gisborne by Much and John, Robin still strives to prove Gisborne's guilt for the rest of the series.

    When Guy stabs Marian, unaware that it is her disguised as the Nightwatchman, she appears to die, despite Robin and Djaq's efforts to save her. Robin, utterly devastated, breaks down over her body and admits that he loves her. She survives, her 'death' attributed to the shutting down of her body following the stab wound, and hemlock, applied by the treacherous physician Pitts. She decides to go ahead with the wedding to Guy, and Robin, furious and heart-broken, abandons his men. Robin is very hot-headed, firing up at almost all the characters at one point or another. He viciously rebuffs Much's attempts to comfort him and packs up to leave Nottingham. He stops in his tracks when he hears Much interrupting Marian's wedding and reaches the ceremony in time to see Marian leave Guy at the altar. He gives her a ride to the castle after Gisborne reveals his true colours. Just when the audience is led to think that nothing will happen between them (Marian gets off the horse and they go in different directions in a hope to save her father) he calls her back and they kiss. Robin gets his fighting spirit back, saving Marian's father Edward from being killed by the Sheriff and redeeming himself to Much by preventing the Sheriff from slitting his throat.

    In Season 2, Robin and Marian's relationship has developed; and after Marian's father dies, she joins Robin in the forest. Robin remains somewhat jealous of her relationship with Guy, convinced that she has some feelings for him. However, Marian remains faithful to Robin, and does get misty-eyed when he tells her that he loves her. In episode 9, Lardner's Ring, Robin plucks up the courage to propose to Marian again, which she accepts, but later finds herself back in the castle with Guy. In the final episode of series 2, he marries Marian as she lies dying. When she dies, he carries his deceased wife to her grave.

    In series 3, the season begins three months after Marian's death, as Robin and the remaining outlaws return to England from th Holy Land. Robin, now bent on avenging his wife's murder, sends away his friends out of anger (and a personal desire to ensure they don't meet the same fate) and head to Locksley to kill Gisborne. A fight takes place between the two which leads to Robin being thrown over a cliff. He is rescued by Brother Tuck, who tries to make Robin find his way again. A tired and broken Robin refuses his help, claiming that he has nothing more to give, having sacrificed everything, and that he has lost all faith in himself. But when Robin learns that the gang has been captured and are to be executed, he and Tuck sets out to rescue them. During the rescue, Robin manages to pin Gisborne to a wall. Initially intending to murder Gisborne, Robin relents when Guy actually begs for death. Realising that killing him would give Guy peace, Robin snarls at Gisborne to stay in his own personal hell and leaves him alive, contenting himself with merely slashing Gisborne's cheek. At the end of the episode, Robin is shown burying Marian's wedding ring under a tree, whispering that he would never stop loving her.

    In Episode 4, the gang is joined by a girl from Locksley called Kate, who is forced to become an outlaw and join Robin's gang when he rescues her from the Sheriff's new tax collector, Rufus. In episode 5 he meets the mysterious Isabella and seems to be attracted to her, but later learns that she is Gisborne's younger sister. He becomes closer to Isabella in episode 6, sharing a passionate kiss. He convinces her to help him steal Prince John's money, however her loyalty to Robin is questioned by the rest of the gang.

    In Episode 7, he and Isabella becomes closer after Gisborne finds out about their relationship. A fight begins which leads to Gisborne being tied to a tree. Isabella questions Robin about Marian after he mentioned her to Gisborne, which Robin only reply is that he wishes to forget. Seeing his pain, Isabella changes the subject as they both head to Nottingham to bring back the water to the people. When Gisborne captures Robin and Isabella and leaves them to slowly drown in a pit, Isabella shares with him a dream she had where they were simple farmers with four children, asking Robin if it is silly. Robin claims that it is perfect, yet it is obvious that the one he had in mind to share that future with is Marian. After they manage to escape, Robin discovers that Kate has been captured. He begins an attempt to get her out of her cell, but is stopped by Isabella, who claims that they don't have the time. She suggests that they escape, and make the dream she shared with him reality. Robin tells her then that as much as he hates it sometimes, he is Robin Hood, and that that life is only a dream for him. He tried to have it before, but it caused too much pain. An upset Isabella replays that she is not *her*, referring to Marian and she wouldn't do that to him, but Robin has made up his mind. Gisborne and Prince John interrupt, and an angry and hurt Isabella turns her back on Robin and fights him beside Prince John, and earns his favour again. Robin and Kate manage to escape and open the channels for water. As Robin and his gang moves back to the forest, he cast a longing look at a little family. In episode 9 Robin and Kate's feelings for each other grow a lot deeper when they kiss at the start of the episode and the end of the episode to show they have a connection.

    In episode ten, named 'Bad Blood', Robin is captured along with Guy by a mysterious hooded character. The man tells Robin and Guy the truth of how their parents really died. It is revealed that Robin's father and Guy's mother had an illegitimate child together whilst Guy's father was fighting in the Holy Land, but had to cover it after he returned, secretly carrying leprosy. Guy's father, Sir Roger, was branded a leper and his mother, Ghislaine, gave birth to a baby boy, named Archer. Guy also discovers that he did not kill his mother and father by starting a fire as he had previously believed, but his mother had died after intervening in a fight between Robin's father and Guy's father, and Sir Roger had stayed with her whilst she died. The stranger is then revealed to be Robin's father, who is now dying of leprosy, and he asks Guy and Robin to forgive each other in order to find Archer, who is now in York jail awaiting execution. They agree, and are seen heading off to York.

    In episode eleven, named 'The Enemy of my Enemy', Robin takes Gisbourne to camp, but not before having a argument and a fight about their parents and Marian: initially willing to kill Gisborne again for Marian's murder, he relents after Gisborne replies he doesn't want Robin's forgiveness as he hasn't forgiven himself. The gang intervene but are shocked when Robin prevents them slaying him, and tells them that Gisbourne is one of them. John refuses to believe this and walks off, Allan following. Robin and Gisbourne then travel to York, where Gisbourne gets himself arrested so that he can find out where Archer is in the dungeons. Robin, meanwhile, gets a disguise and goes to the Sheriff of York, and convinces York to release Gisbourne, However,as a guard takes Robin down to the dungeons, a messenger from Isabella informs York that two murderous criminals, Guy of Gisbourne and Robin Hood, are here. Robin and Gisbourne find their brother Archer, who has been having an affair with York's wife and is a master of alchemy, and make their escapes with the other prisoners. While escaping, they are discovered by the guards and a prisoner, who is a friend of Archer, is killed. The trio then get brought to the main hall where Archer betrays them, only to be caught again and put on execution. Before Gisbourne is hanged, there is an explosion and Robin and Archer save Gisbourne, who in turn helps John. At the end, Robin asks Kate to accept Gisbourne, and she does.

    In "Something Worth Fighting For", Robin and the gang save several men of Locksley from being taken by Sheriff Isabella to help Prince John construct an army against the King. Robin, his gang and the men retreat into Sherwood Forrest. Robin then comes up with a plan to seize the castle and put Isabella under house arrest until the King returns. He and the gang then deliver food and water to the families in Locksley as they realise that it may be some time before they can do it again. As Robin visits Kate's mother, she plants part of a necklace given to her by Isabella on him and informs Kate that Robin is still in love with her. Kate later finds the piece of the necklace and leaves the gang to return home where her mother tells her she lied. Meanwhile; Robin, Guy and Much enter the castle through a secret tunnel created as an escape route by the former Sheriff, but Archer has rigged it as a trap and the trio end up fighting for their lives but get submerged by limestone. They are then rescued by Kate and Archer, the latter of whom decides to join Robin's cause after he watches Kate, Tuck, Little John and several men from Locksley risk their lives. The outlaws then manage to seize the castle and put Isabella under house arrest. Much then informs Robin that a body has been left on the castle entrance - the dead body of Allan A Dale, who has been slain. Robin then feels guilty as he and the gang tied Allan up and accused him of being a traitor after Isabella announced that he had been "pardoned" of his crimes. The gang's mourning for Allan is cut short, however, by the return of Sheriff Vaisey who has returned with a large army to attack the castle. Robin and the gang then retreat into the castle and await Vaisey's inevitable attack.

    In the 2009 series finale, Isabella, while fighting Robin, slices his neck with a poisoned blade, though he survives long enough to kill her, the Sheriff and destroy his army. At the end of the episode, the dying Robin bids his gang a final farewell, speaking to each of them in turn, then staggers off to a glade in Sherwood Forest to die peacefully. As he lies dying, the ghost of Marian appears before him and the two embrace and enter Heaven. The gang retrieves Robin's corpse for a burial, and vows to continue fighting injustice in his name.

    > Description physique :

      Taille : Moyenne (1m82 / 5'9" pieds)
      Corpulence : Moyenne. Légèrement musclé.
      Cheveux : Châtain brun
      Yeux : Bleus

    > Personnalité :
    Robin is a very optimistic individual. Even when things are at their worst, he almost always has some way of looking at a bright side. He does this for the benefit of the moral for his friends and loved ones, but also for himself. Having faced so much darkness in his own time, Robin can’t handle much more of it or it will take over his personality. It happens on some occasions, such as when he finds Guy of Gisborne to be a traitor to the crown and when he believes Marian is supposed to marry him when King Richard returns to England. In those moments, he lashes out at whoever are closest, usually his best friend and manservant, Much. He will use the things he knows about them from being their friend and twist it into his insults so that they will leave him alone, hopefully forever. He believes in those moments that he’s not worthy of love or friendship and thus pushes people away as much as he can. Robin tries his best to not get to this point, even joking around with his enemies when he’s stuck in a corner, and for the most part, he succeeds.

    He is also extremely selfless and brave. Robin will risk anything, even his own life, to help people, even the ones he doesn’t even know. As everyone knows, he steals from the rich, and returns those riches to the poor they stole them from. He has taken his mission farther than most wise individuals would, consistently breaking into rooms in Nottingham Castle in order to get the tax money that the Sheriff has collected or to save a friend that he has captured. It has ended with him being captured in a few instances, but he is both clever and good at executing his own plans, even in moments of great stress, to get himself out of almost any situation.

    His charity brings its own reward to him, however. Robin wants – maybe even needs – to be loved. He has a desperate craving for it and when people for any reason believe him to be the bad guy, he goes to great lengths to make sure they know it isn’t true. It kills him inside when good people hate him, even when he has done everything for them. He will put everything at risk to restore that love and he always sticks around to take in the benefits of being loved when he does good deeds. While people maintain they can’t repay him, their hugs and kind words are what he treasures the most. His need for love can come back to bite him, however, as he sometimes saves the wrong people, falling into traps set by the Sheriff, or he will give people one too many chances and only end up getting let down.

    Robin is also a natural born fighter. He knows when things are amiss and he will fight until the very end. He is one of if not the best archers in England and is also insanely skilled with a sword. He has dedicated his life to perfecting the art of fighting, studying any art that goes into it, and it has come in handy on many occasions, most obviously in the Holy Lands during the Crusades. His sharpened war senses picked up that there were enemies within the camp and he quickly killed as many as possible. Still, being so focused on fighting, he didn’t note when someone came up behind him, stabbing him in the side. He fought through the pain, however, when he saw that same enemy run into the Kings tent and, despite bleeding profusely, managed to save the kings life.

    > Histoire :

    > Famille :
    - Malcolm de Locksley (père)
    - Archer (demi-frère)
    - Marian de Knighton (femme) †

    > Relations :

    > Arme de prédilection : Arc
    > Combat : Arc sarrasin recourbé, Épée sarrasine, Épée longue, Dague, Corps Corps, Mains nues

    > Première apparition: "Will You Tolerate This?"
    > Dernière apparition: "Something Worth Fighting For, Part 2"
    > Cause / Raison : Mort empoisonné dans le duel contre Isabella
    > Nombre d'épisodes : 36/36

    > Crée par : Dominic Minghella et Foz Allan
    > Interprété par : Jonas Armstrong

    Plus ?

    Venez parler dans ce sujet de ce héros au grand cœur qui vole aux riches pour donner aus pauvres... Celui dont le coeur va à la belle Marian...

    Si ce personnage posséde un coeur d'or, il ne montre pas beaucoup ses sentiments. Ceux ci sont cachés sous une carapace comme on le voit dans la saison 1 avec Marian...

    Vous ne trouvez pas ?

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Robin de Locksley [UC]

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