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Lucy Griffiths en général

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MessageSujet: Lucy Griffiths en général Ven 5 Mar - 20:46


Nom de Naissance : Lucy Ursula Griffiths

Date de Naissance : 10 Novembre 1987

Lieu de Naissance : Brighton, Angleterre

Nationalité(s) : Britannique

Profession(s) : Actrice

Taille : 1m68

Couleur des yeux : Bleus

Couleur des cheveux : Brun foncé

Famille : Elle a une plus jeune soeur du nom de Sophia. Sa mère, Patti, est professeur de danse.

Mini Biographie : Elle prend des cours de danse dès son plus jeune âge et commence à jouer dans des groupes de théâtre avant d’être remarquée par son agent à l’âge de 16 ans. C’est donc à cette époque qu’elle réussit à convaincre ses parents de la laisser étudier dans une école privée. Diplômée du Dorothy Stringer School and Vamdean College, Lucy a commencé sa carrière avec des rôles au théâtre, dans deux pièces : The White Devil et The Man Of Mode. Puis, elle obtient de petit rôle à la télévision dans des séries comme Sugar Rush et Classé Surnaturel (Sea of Souls) avant de décrocher le rôle féminin de Marian de Knighton dans Robin Hood.

Petits Plus :

¤ Lucy sait faire du roller, de l'équitation, du patinage artistique, nager, skier, chanter (alto et soprano), jouer au basket, danser (ballet, claquettes, jazz, danse de rue, gymnastique ...), parler français, et imiter plusieurs accents (français, gallois, irlandais (sud), australien, américain ...)
¤ Son grand père, son père et sa sœur apparaissent dans l'épisode 104 de Robin des Bois, ils font partis des figurants dans la scène où Marian se voit infliger une punition du Shérif pour avoir aidé un village mis en quarantaine.
¤ Son départ de la série a été gardé secret jusqu'à la diffusion du double épisode final de la saison 2. Elle ne s'est jamais publiquement exprimée sur ce départ, on parle avant tout d'une décision des producteurs et créateurs de la série, Dominic Minghella et Foz Allan.

Écouter :
- Commercial Voice Sample
- Narrative Voice Sample

Citations :

Credits :


Agent : Représentée par Christopher Farrar

Sites :




Strawberry Fields Audition from Lucy Griffiths on Vimeo.

Mrs Warren's Profession
(mis en ligne il y a 2 mois)

Mrs Warren's Profession from Lucy Griffiths on Vimeo.

Spiderman - girl, scenes 1 & 2
(mis en ligne il y a 29 jours)

Lucy Griffiths from Lucy Griffiths on Vimeo.

Là, je suis au taquet, sur que j'ai envie de la rencontrer. Smile
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Marian de Knighton
♣ Lady / Nightwatchman ♣

√ LOCALISATION : In the arms of Robin

● Age: 21 printemps
● Titre: Noble
● Inventaire:

MessageSujet: Re: Lucy Griffiths en général Sam 6 Nov - 19:58



Lucy Griffiths, The Little House
26 October 2010

The Little House is a two-part psychological thriller adapted from the best-selling novel by Philippa Gregory and depicts a searing emotional power struggle between young wife Ruth Cleary and her mother-in-law Elizabeth. Lucy Griffiths, whose credits include Robin Hood and U Be Dead, and the legendary Francesca Annis play the warring women.

It’s heady stuff, which includes a look at the deeply upsetting condition of post-partum psychosis — a far more serious issue experienced by new mums than what is commonly dubbed ‘the baby blues.’

TV Choice hooked up with Lucy, along with Rupert Evans, who plays her husband Patrick, and Tim Pigott-Smith, who plays her father-in-law Frederick, to find out more about the drama.

What are your characters like?
Lucy Griffiths: Lucy is a primary school teacher, happily married to Patrick. She was orphaned at a young age in a car accident caused by her mother. At the beginning, she seems very upbeat and together, and then she goes on a massive downward spiral. You begin to learn why she’s like that, and where her anxieties come from.
Rupert Evans: Patrick is a conventional middle-class boy — very Home Counties, with traditional values. Subconsciously, he sees his wife’s role as a mother. Cracks in the marriage form when Patrick’s expectations aren’t fulfilled and his yearning for a family means he manipulates Ruth and formulates a situation where she gets pregnant, even though it’s not what she really wants.
Tim Pigott-Smith: The in-laws, Elizabeth and Frederick, are hugely wealthy — they live in a phenomenal house in 'Tory-on-Thames'. Frederick has allowed the family to be dominated by his wife — she’s very much a powerful matriarch. The drama is partly about the power mothers have over their sons.

Lucy, did you have to do much research for the role?
Lucy Griffiths: Not much, because I already knew a bit about post partum psychosis, through family and friends. It’s not the reason I took the role — I just thought the story was brilliant — but hopefully it will inform people about the condition.

What was it like acting with a baby?
Lucy Griffiths: I loved it. We had two sets of twins and a newborn, which I was nervous of because it was so delicate! The older babies were a perk. They didn’t cry, and were so beautiful. And one, Jack, wouldn’t bend in the middle! He was so funny. I love babies, but I’m not broody for my own yet!

Why is the drama called The Little House?
Lucy Griffiths: Frederick and Elizabeth buy the house that’s next door to their land. In the beginning, Ruth doesn’t want it. Then she gets pregnant, and is almost pleased, but then she sees the reality of being on the in-laws’ doorstep. Even the decorating of the little house is controlled by Elizabeth. Ruth doesn’t find it too intrusive…
Tim Pigott-Smith: …but when people do too much for you it’s a form of ownership. You get the feeling that something sinister is going on…

Will people be shocked by what happens to the baby?
Tim Pigott-Smith: Yes. It’s a bit Baby P territory.
Lucy Griffiths: It’s disturbing rather than shocking. It’s not too graphic.

And finally, what was it like working with Francesca Annis?
Lucy Griffiths: Francesca said to me that she’s never done five films in a month, so people don’t get sick and tired of her work. She’s taken time off and had three children, and done good work. She’s had a full life — she works to live, which is much better than the other way round.

By Martina Fowler & Sue Malins

Lire l'article original :

Lucy dans le November issue of Company magazine de cette année, 2010. Smile

Lucy est la bienfaitrice du City Youth Theatre. Smile
Citation :
We are delighted to have Lucy Griffiths as our Patron. Lucy is best known amongst our younger members as Maid Marian in the BBC TV series Robin Hood and has also appeared in other major television series such as Collision, Lewis and Sea of Souls. She recently completed a successful run of Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia in the West End. Lucy likes to contribute to the life of CYTC whenever she can and is a regular audience member at our productions.

Plus d'informations :

Là elle est donc passée au blond foncé... Mais je ne suis toujours pas fan. Que ce soit blond méché comle dans Lewis, blond-blond comme dans Billboard, Collision, Arcadia ou The Little House, ou blond-roux foncé comme dans U Be Dead, je trouve qu'elle est mieux avec sa couleur naturelle... ^^"


    Marian: « Everything is a choice, everything we do.»

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MessageSujet: Re: Lucy Griffiths en général

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Lucy Griffiths en général

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