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Quel personnage secondaire préférez-vous ?

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MessageSujet: Quel personnage secondaire préférez-vous ? Jeu 11 Mar - 17:29

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Marian de Knighton
♣ Lady / Nightwatchman ♣

√ LOCALISATION : In the arms of Robin

● Age: 21 printemps
● Titre: Noble
● Inventaire:

MessageSujet: Re: Quel personnage secondaire préférez-vous ? Sam 13 Mar - 17:26

    Matilda ! Matilda !
    J'adore ce personnage ! Le fou de l'épisode Lardner's Ring et le comte allemand ne sont pas trop mal non plus.
    Ces personnages ont eu le mérite de me faire bien rire, d'avoir une personnalité prononcée et un côté faire amusant et délirant.

    Matilda: (to Gisborne) You slimy little snot-head!
    Blight: Matilda!
    Matilda: Blight! Ha! It's the gravedigger's best friend, the maggot's mate.
    Sheriff: Where did you find this silver-tongued...

    Shérif : I have a job for you.
    Matilda : If you were on fire, I wouldn’t damp you with my wet underwrappings.


    Marian: « Everything is a choice, everything we do.»


Dernière édition par Marian de Knighton le Mar 23 Mar - 17:14, édité 2 fois
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Marian de Knighton
♣ Lady / Nightwatchman ♣

√ LOCALISATION : In the arms of Robin

● Age: 21 printemps
● Titre: Noble
● Inventaire:

MessageSujet: Re: Quel personnage secondaire préférez-vous ? Lun 22 Mar - 12:24

    Après avoir revu l'épisode 2 de la saison 2, je confirme mon impression sur le comte Friedrich. Il est trop drôle (comme le fait remarquer Marian) et adorable à la fois. J'aime bien la relation complice qu'il entretient avec Marian, même s'ils se connaissent depuis peu.Il faut dire qu'ils ont certains points communs qui vont les rapprocher, notamment le fait qu'ils soient les deux nobles et décider à faire payer le shérif et à mépriser le danger...

    SHERIFF VASEY: Ah! Count Friedrich! Welcome to Nottingham.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: Tell me... Are all the roads in England so bad? I feel like I've been beaten like the egg.
    SHERIFF VASEY: Your safety was my first concern. I organized the route, so as to avoid the forest. We couldn't have your fortune or your good self falling into outlaws' hands.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: Myself and my men are a match for any rustic ruffian, I assure you. (seeing Marian) Had I known what awaited me here, I would have employed winged horses.
    SHERIFF VASEY: Lady Marian has made it her personal responsibility to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible.
    MARIAN: I'm very happy to make your acquaintance.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: Oh, come, come! Acquaintances are for old ladies and priests. We will dispense with such formalities.
    I am already your friend... and always your servant. (to his men) Do be careful there! Take the chest to my rooms. (to Marian) It's a few shillings for the gaming tables. Tell me, do you play, Lady Marian?
    MARIAN: Such pursuits are not entirely to my tastes.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: Then we must find pursuits that excite you more! Tell me, do you ride?

    MARIAN: Is this your idea of sport?
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: You do not like the skittles, my lady?
    But it is a charming game.
    MARIAN: A child's game, surely? Do men really waste their money playing this?
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: No waste, if it's a prize that's worth having. Come, let me show you. Gently caress the ball... Ya. Danke schoen. Thank you.
    MARIAN: Forgive me, Count Friedrich, my aim was a little wide.

    GISBORNE: Marian just needs a little coaxing. It's her way. She says no when she means yes.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: Really? Then I shall relish the challenge. Lady Marian, I cannot roll unless you help me.
    MARIAN: No, thank you.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: No, no, Lady Marian, I insist.
    NOBLE: Lady Marian wins!
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: You see? I win.
    MARIAN: Perhaps you will excuse me? I have a headache.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: Oh, how terrible for you. If I may? I find that gentle rubbing of the temples is most effective.
    MARIAN: You are very kind, but I think I will go and lie down.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: As hard as it is, we must let you go.
    MARIAN: Thank you for your understanding, Count.

    MARIAN: Oh! Excuse me, can I pass?
    GUARD: Orders. No-one passes, not even you. Sheriff's private room.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH:Lady Marian?
    MARIAN: Oh, no. Let me pass just this once, please.
    GUARD: What's in it for me? Nice gown, very fetching. A bit of a new look for you?
    MARIAN: How dare you?!
    GUARD: I'm just being friendly. How about a little kiss?
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: How about a little smack? (to Marian) Excuse me!
    MARIAN: You are an impressive fighter. - Yes, I know.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH:And you are also very impressive in many ways.
    MARIAN: Please.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH:Are you not glad I came after you?
    MARIAN: I made no invitation.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH:You feign a headache and retire. I follow. This is the way that trusts are made all over the world.
    MARIAN: Well, this one is all over, all right?

    COUNT FRIEDRICH: What does he think? That I will not be suspicious of an invitation, out of the blue from a sheriff in... where are we? That I will not do my homework and find out who he is? Does he think that his reputation has not spread to Europe? And you? You are in on this little plan. Do you think, this is the first time I have been offered a girl to take my eyes from the table?
    MARIAN: Let go of me!
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: Do you people think that I am a complete idiot?
    MARIAN: Yes, until now! Which is exactly what you wanted, isn't it?
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: What do you mean?
    MARIAN: Oh, come on. The way you fight. You are no booby. I don't think a booby does homework on his hosts. I think it suits you to have people think you're an idiot.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: It helps sometimes. People play less cautiously, but I am no cheat.
    MARIAN: And for what it's worth, I am no lackey of the Sheriff.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: So... we are both players.
    MARIAN: And what will you do?
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: Do? Leave. If the Sheriff is loading the dice, I cannot win. I'll be struck by a sudden illness.
    MARIAN: Don't leave. Help me.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: Help you?
    MARIAN: You heard the Sheriff. He's using the money to plot against the King. I have friends who would like to relieve him of his money before he distributes it. And that will have to be tonight.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: This is a dangerous game.
    MARIAN: But you're a player.

    SHERIFF VASEY: What do you think you're doing, ah? You stay in the castle.
    MARIAN: Believe me, I would rather stay here. I am merely doing as I am instructed.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: Lady Marian is to ride out with me.
    SHERIFF VASEY: No, no, no. No.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: If I do not ride, I might be out of sorts, and if I'm out of sorts, I might decide not to play the tables at all tonight. Hmm!
    SHERIFF VASEY: Very well. I will provide you with an escort. Guards! The forest is a very dangerous place.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: Sheriff, we are both men of the world, ya? Perhaps alone with nature, out in the forest amongst the trees and flowers, Lady Marian might not play so hard to get, hmm? No guards.
    SHERIFF VASEY: Don't be late back.

    COUNT FRIEDRICH: Now I'm better acquainted with your Sheriff...
    I'm beginning to understand why you have such admiration for this outlaw.
    MARIAN: It's not just me.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: I didn't mean just you. I think I would like to take to the woods and fight injustice like your Robin Hood. What do you think?
    MARIAN: Why does a potential freedom fighter waste his life gambling?
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: I am a count. My life has been managed since the day that I was born. Tradition, etiquette... It's all so safe. I crave danger. You wouldn't understand.
    MARIAN: Don't be so sure.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: Are you sure you know how to find these friends of yours?
    MARIAN: I'm hoping they're gonna find us.
    ROBIN: They already have! Who's your new friend?
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: Count Friedrich Berthold Otto von Wittelsbach, from the German Duchy of Bavaria. And your friend.
    ROBIN: This is the Sheriff's guest?
    MARIAN: Yes.
    ROBIN: And you trust him enough to bring him here to meet me?
    MARIAN: He wants to help us.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: It seems we have a common desire, Robin Hood. I mean, we both wish to see the Sheriff broken and humiliated. Marian and I were discussing...
    ROBIN: First name terms?
    MARIAN: Jealous?
    ROBIN: Of him? Pff!...
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: Marian has a proposition for you.
    MARIAN: If you want to rob the Strong Room, you have to do it tonight.
    WILL: Not possible. We're not ready.
    MARIAN: Well, then don't bother at all. The Sheriff will divide the money between the Black Knights and they're coming tomorrow. After that, the Strong Room will be empty.
    MUCH: I don't like that look. That look means trouble.
    ALLAN: Robin! It's certain death.
    ROBIN: Well, if that money is going to be used to finance weapons and men to kill the King, then we are dead already.

    MARIAN: Kiss me.
    MARIAN: Otherwise what will they think we've been doing all this time? We have a budding romance after all. So it would seem.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: Maybe one more, to make it really convincing?
    MARIAN: Careful. Remember the skittles?

    COUNT FRIEDRICH: You must be careful. If I can see the friendship between you...
    so may others.
    MARIAN: Don't worry, I crave the danger.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: If you are ever in Bavaria, I remain, my Lady, your servant, your booby and your friend.
    MARIAN: You're funny.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: You are beautiful.
    MARIAN: You're leaving.

    ROBIN: Now, you're sure about your route? You stick to the smaller roads. The Sheriff will have the main ones covered.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: Ah, another bumpy ride. This country. By the time I get home I will be perfectly scrambled.
    ROBIN: This is your money. Thank you. England is forever in your debt.
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: Take it. Keep it.
    ROBIN: What?
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: England's debt is to Lady Marian. Not me. Spend it wisely, Robin Hood.
    ROBIN: About Marian...
    COUNT FRIEDRICH: One gamble I would have given anything to win. You are a lucky man, Robin Hood. Farewell.

    Il me fait vraiment trop rire...


    Marian: « Everything is a choice, everything we do.»

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MessageSujet: Re: Quel personnage secondaire préférez-vous ?

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Quel personnage secondaire préférez-vous ?

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