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1x01 « Will You Tolerate This ?! » [80%]

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MessageSujet: 1x01 « Will You Tolerate This ?! » [80%] Ven 26 Mar - 12:51

SEASON 01 - Will You Tolerate This ?! - EPISODE 01

[Ce script a été réalisé par Allthingsrobin sur le site Hood Winked]
[This transcript was made by Allthingsrobin on Hood Winked]


Allan A Dale is aiming an arrow at a deer when he hears horse whinny behind him. He turns and sees the Sheriff ’s men on horseback. He turns around as more horsemen appear. Allan appears defeated, then suddenly breaks and runs, horsemen in pursuit. Allan runs until his way is blocked by thick leafless bushes. The soldiers grab him and bring him before their chief.

CHIEF SHERIFF’S MAN: Hold him! (to Allan) You know the law.
ALLAN: I know the law’s an ass.
CHIEF SHERIFF’S MAN: The price for one of the King’s deer is your right hand. Let’s go.
ALLAN: No. Please, have mercy. My wife...
ALLAN : My wife expects a child. We have no food. She must eat or w-w-we will lose the baby.
CHIEF SHERIFF’S MAN: Then when she has the baby, you will say you must steal because you have another mouth to feed. Bring him!
ALLAN: Please, no, I need my hand.
CHIEF SHERIFF’S MAN: We can punish you now.
Allan’s guard, Sheriff ’s Man 1, is smiling throughout.
If you admit your guilt and save us the time, the punishment is lessened. We can take a finger. But you will have no right to trial, no defence, no appeal.
ALLAN: I will lose a trial... and my hand. Thinks a moment. Take a finger.
CHIEF SHERIFF’S MAN : Quickly, quietly Do it.
SHERIFF’S MAN 1 : Mouths an excited “Yes!” Come on.
The soldiers holding Allan lead him to a fallen tree. Holding a small axe. Pop your hand on there... like this.
Sheriff ’s Man 1 spreads his fingers out on the log, wiggling them, then taps the butt of the axe on the log next to them. Sheriff ’s Man 2 is giddy with anticipation.
ALLAN : No, I’ve changed my mind.
SHERIFF’S MAN 1 : No appeal. Sheriff ’s Man 1 continues to wiggle his fingers and then an arrow suddenly lands between his thumb and forefinger. What the...?
Two more arrows land between his fingers, then two more inside his wrist.
SHERIFF’S MAN 1 : Who’s there?!
ROBIN Voice only Seems I missed your hand.
Robin is standing behind a tree, his back to it, a black hood pulled low over his face.
Let him go before my aim improves.
CHIEF SHERIFF’S MAN : Show yourself ! You interfere with the law of the land!
Robin comes out from behind the tree and slowly steps towards the group.
ROBIN : The last time I looked, the law punished poaching with a tanning or a spell in the stocks.
CHIEF SHERIFF’S MAN : The law is under threat and must be severe if it is to be respected.
ROBIN Still advancing If the law wants respect, shouldn’t the punishment fit the crime?
Allan is enjoying this exchange, but is subtly looking around for more of Robin’s men.
CHIEF SHERIFF’S MAN : I do not make the law. I do not decide.
ROBIN : But you enforce it. Stops. And my men and I suggest that you decide to go on your way.
The trees and bushes start moving and the chief and the guards look around wildly.
SOLDIER : They’ve got us surrounded, sir.
The camera follows the string in bushes to show Much, hidden, pulling on them, one on each side, making the trees and bushes move.
ROBIN : And let this man feed his hungry wife.
CHIEF SHERIFF’S MAN: Unsure I don’t know—
ROBIN: Interrupts Firmly You know!
Robin raises his bow and shoots an arrow up into the sky. Everybody looks up, but they lose sight of the arrow.
CHIEF SHERIFF’S MAN : And what does that prove?
After a moment, the arrow lands in the saddle in front of the chief, who spreads his arms wide in surprise.
ROBIN : Missed again.
CHIEF SHERIFF’S MAN : Through his teeth Let him go.
ALLAN : To Robin, smiling God bless you, sir. Turns. Bless you all, gents.
Steps over the log and leaves between the chief and Robin.
CHIEF SHERIFF’S MAN : Come. Pulls the arrow out of his saddle. We leave these rogues to their crimes.
Much throws down the strings and goes to join Robin as the soldiers mount their horses and leave.
MUCH : Us? Rogues? Bolder, louder Don’t show your faces here again! Cowards!
ROBIN : Pulls his hood forward to his chest and whispers Shhh! Quiet!
MUCH : Why? We have won and they should be shouts ashamed! Shame on you! Come back here again and my master and I Robin rolls eyes. shall see that you leave with more than just your tails between your legs!
CHIEF SHERIFF’S MAN : Stops his horse “My master and I.” There are only two of them!
MUCH : I shouldn’t have said that. Robin shakes his head slightly as the horsemen come galloping back down the hill. Run, Robin? Run?
Robin and Much turn around and run.


Robin and Much run through the forest pursued by horsemen. Much runs over a rise, trips and falls down the other side near a large tree. Robin pulls him back into the shelter of its exposed roots and pulls a large piece of brush in front of them. The horsemen gallop past.
MUCH : Whispers Clever, Master.
Robin puts his hand over Much’s mouth. A single horseman comes over the rise, walks along the tree and stops, seemingly looking right at Robin. Then, seeing nothing, he starts the horse again and gallops off. Relieved, Robin pushes away the brush and they climb out.
ROBIN : Looking where the horses disappeared: Five years in battle, Much... looks at Much... and you still forget the last man!
MUCH : Rubbing his back There’s always so much to remember! Ow!

Robin and Much, loaded down with bags, swords, shield, etc., are walking along the road on their journey home.
MUCH : When I see the River Trent I’m going to weep, I’m going to cry like a baby, for all the pain we’ve suffered in Palestine, the horrors we have witnessed. And because I am so hungry. When we get to Locksley, I’m going to have beef.
ROBIN : Yesterday you said pig.
MUCH : Well, yesterday I was not so hungry. I mean, I could have pig and beef. Dreamily: And lamb. Mmm. I’d like that. Very much. In fact, I can feel a song coming on.
Robin stops abruptly and turns to Much, bringing both arms down emphatically.
ROBIN : No! No song. Points his finger at Much. Absolutely no song. Continues walking.
MUCH : Stops. It would be a cheery song.
ROBIN : Stops, turns around And it would be a tragedy, too. Walks back to Much. A tragedy for you to have survived the Turk and made it within a few miles of Locksley [extends arm out down the road] only to be killed [pushes Much’s shoulder] by your own master!
Continues walking.
MUCH : You know, it is lucky I don’t readily take offence. Robin smiles, still walking.
You know, a smaller man would be offended. Robin turns around, walking backward, makes a “so what” face, and turns forward again. A smaller man would be wounded.
ROBIN : Not turning around And a cleverer man would sing fewer songs!

Robin and Much walk towards the barn, which has green cloth hanging from every beam. The fuller is digging a ditch.
MUCH : So, Master, no stopping here, all right? No stopping anywhere. No more heroics. We’re going home. We’re going straight home.
Sarah looks up from her washtub of dye and sees Robin and Much walking towards the fuller.
ROBIN : Hello, friend.
FULLER : You two on the run?
ROBIN :No. Looks to his left down the prospective ditch’s path We’re returning to Locksley after a long absence.
FULLER: Scoffs You look like you’re on the run. Robin glances at Much. Spits on ground and looks around. Want to give me a hand with this ditch? Robin glances at Much again. There’s a good meal in it. Me daughter, Sarah, and I, we’ve a pork roasting.
MUCH : Master, we could, couldn’t we?
ROBIN : Much, we are nearly home.
MUCH : Please? Please?
Robin looks at the fuller, holds out his hand and nods. The fuller tosses up the spade. Robin catches it and hands it to Much.
I love you. Have I ever said that?
Robin smiles slightly and nods, then nods his head towards the ditch.
Much and Robin are digging. The fuller watches.
FULLER : You call that digging?
Much mutters “roast pork” to keep his mind on his work.
Have you ever done a proper day’s work?
Much is still muttering.
The dirt pile has grown larger. Much is still muttering “roast pork.” Robin throws up a spadeful of dirt, then jumps out of the ditch. He goes to Sarah in the barn, holding two empty wooden cups. Her back is to him.
ROBIN : Clears throat Thank you. Holds out cups. Sarah grins slightly, then turns around to face him.
SARAH : Where you two headed?
ROBIN : Home... Sarah takes the cups and Robin points north ... to Locksley?
SARAH : It’s getting late. Steps to a chest next to Robin and sets the cups down on it. You and your friend should stay in our barn tonight.
ROBIN : Fidgets nervously. That is very kind... walks past Sarah, rebuffing her advances... but I don’t think that would be a—
SARAH : Interrupts Someone special waiting for you, is there, in Locksley?
ROBIN : Sighs, shakes head. I doubt it. Listen, my friend and I—
SARAH : Steps towards Robin. Interrupts. Then what’s your hurry?
ROBIN : Steps back Your father!
SARAH : Still advancing He’d kill ya, if he saw.
ROBIN : Takes another step back. Sarah, I—
SARAH : Interrupts. But he won’t see.
Sarah pulls down a sheet of cloth so that they are hidden from the fuller and Much, and kisses Robin. Meanwhile, the fuller is talking to Much.
FULLER : The Sheriff wants cloth dyed for his men... in lieu of taxes. Taxes that I cannot afford ’cause nobody has any money to buy my cloth.
Robin pulls away from the kiss and glances behind him. Sarah looks slightly disappointed and hurt. Robin sees her face, gives in with a sigh, and kisses her again. Then the cloth falls away, revealing Robin and Sarah to Much, but the fuller’s back is turned.
MUCH : Well. Gaze bounces between Robin and the fuller. You know, he is a fair-minded old man. I’m sure if you explain your difficulties to him. If you kiss him.
FULLER : Kiss him?
MUCH : Quickly Kiss his ring... he will understand.
FULLER : You really have been away. The old man is finished. We’ve had a new Sheriff these last four years. Where’s that food?
The fuller starts to turn towards the barn, but Much puts his hand on the fuller’s arm to keep his attention away from Robin.
MUCH : Really? That is interesting.The fuller looks offensively at Much’s hand. Because he’s a fair-minded old man. Stares at Robin agape.
FULLER : I told you, we’ve a new, younger— You’re not listening.
The fuller turns around to follow Much’s gaze at the barn, sees Robin kissing Sarah and gets angry. He runs to the barn, grabbing his sword on the way.
MUCH : Robin!
Robin hears the sword being drawn and its swing through the air. He ducks down, pulling Sarah down with him.
FULLER : My daughter! The fuller swings his sword again. Robin jumps back. I’ll kill you!
ROBIN : I meant no offence. Pushes the fuller back. I do not wish to fight.
Robin grabs a long wooden spoon and a bowl.
FULLER : Well, bad luck! I do!
Robin blocks the fuller’s blow with the spoon and hits him with the bowl. Much runs to their packs and tries to pull out Robin’s sword as Robin and the fuller continue to battle, Sarah crouched in a corner.
You picked the wrong man to mess with. I did not always work cloth. I once worked metal. And I was never beaten with a sword. Not by a knight, not by a knave.
Much continues to pull on Robin’s sword, which is stuck in the tightly wrapped bundle. The fuller charges Robin. Robin blocks, then grabs a small barrel lid. They continue to fight.
ROBIN : Much!
Robin kicks the fuller back and Much pulls the sword free.
MUCH : Master!
Much tosses the sword to Robin. Robin looks at Much and catches his Saracen scimitar, facing the fuller. He holds it up broadside at the fuller and stands ready to defend. The fuller makes several menacing moves with his sword, pointing and thrusting, then stands ready, as Much stands behind and to the side of Robin. Robin spins his scimitar round and round, then stands ready. The fuller charges and Sarah screams and runs up the steps behind Robin, but Robin holds his scimitar steady, right at the fuller’s throat.
ROBIN : Much! Fetch the packs. Run!
The fuller knocks away Robin’s scimitar and advances. Robin blocks twice, then crosses blades and twists his up and around. Robin turns and runs up the steps, pushing a sack down to delay the fuller, and stops next to Sarah. The fuller follows, swings, is blocked, then brings his sword up and holds it at Robin’s neck.
Whoa, sir, sir, you have me. Allow me one final request.
FULLER : What’s that?
ROBIN : Glances at Sarah. One last kiss.
Robin pushes the fuller’s sword away with his and kisses Sarah, then breaks away and does a back flip off the floor onto the ground below. Sarah watches as the fuller steps to the edge of the floor. Robin and Much start running, Robin laughing.
FULLER : Come back you lot! You can’t do that!
MUCH : I told you! I said no stopping! Why do you never ever listen?
ROBIN : Faster! Go! Presses Much’s back.

Robin squats by the fire, getting it going. He rubs his hands over it and stands, then sighs deeply and looks up at the stars. Much looks at him sideways and Robin turns his head towards him. Much looks away, still angry with Robin for ruining his meal of roast pork.
MUCH : Not saying anything.
ROBIN : Sneers and repeats under his breath Not saying anything.

Robin and Much walk quickly down a rise towards Locksley. They stop at the sight and Robin pulls Much into a hug, tears in both their eyes. Much goes on ahead as Robin stares for a moment before following. His hand gently grabs a flowering bush and he lets the branch slide through his fingers.
At the edge of the village, Much addresses a villager at the well.
MUCH : Raises arm in greeting Hey there!
The man knocks his bucket off the edge of the well and runs into his cottage, closing the door behind him. Robin and Much frown at each other at this strange behaviour, but continue to walk into the village. A woman sees them and also runs into her cottage.
Where is everybody?
Dan Scarlett is sawing a thin log, one foot holding it still. Robin sees him.
ROBIN : Dan Scarlett ? Dan stops the saw and looks up, but says nothing. Dan, it’s me, Robin!
DAN : Robin ?
ROBIN : Smiles. Yes!
DAN : Smiles and steps around the log. Is it really you?
ROBIN : Of course, it’s us.
MUCH : We are home unscathed! Well, scathed. Very scathed. But happy. And hungry. Mostly hungry.
DAN : Blessed Mary, it is you!
Dan smiles brightly and extends his arms wide, then realises his bandaged hand is exposed. He hugs Robin anyway.
ROBIN : Nods at Dan’s hand. An accident?
DAN : Slaps the butt of arm into his palm. An incident. Robin nods. No matter. What’s done is done.
ROBIN : Tell me.
DAN : Looks back at the watchtower. Guy of Gisborne runs your estate for the Sheriff.
ROBIN : Does he ?
Robin and Much exchange glances.
DAN : We have one tithe after another for the King in the Holy Land. Making ends meet, it’s... It was wrong, but my boys, they took some game. I went to stop them, but so did Gisborne’s lot. They got caught. Me too. Someone had to lose a hand. Robin hangs his head. Better me than Will, or little Lukey. I’m old. They’ve got years ahead of them.
ROBIN : This is madness. You are a skilled man... turns and extends his arm out towards the village... you built half this village. I won’t have this. You will be compensated.
DAN : I see my boys in good health and I am happy.
Dan’s cottage’s door opens to reveal Luke with an armful of .rewood. He sees the strangers and immediately heads back inside.
It’s all right, boys! This is Master Robin.
ROBIN : To Luke You’re all right! Come on!
Luke drops his wood and grabs his bow and an arrow from a table just inside the door. Will steps into the doorway with a piece of .rewood in each hand and a stalk of wheat in his teeth.
LUKE : Shows Robin This is my bow. My dad made it for me. Dan smiles. W-w-why has yours got those curves in it?
ROBIN : Holds up his bow. Well, this is a Saracen bow. Traces curve with finger. It is recurved. The bows straighten draws bow when you draw. Makes it small, but powerful.
LUKE : Luke smiles in admiration. Is it true you can, er, hit a man from a mile away? If I practise everyday, I’ll be able to do that.
ROBIN : Well, let’s hope you never have to shoot a man, Luke.
LUKE : Yeah. That’s what Dad says. Dan dips his head in agreement. I bet you killed loads of men when you were fighting with the King.
Robin looks at Dan, then down in embarrassment and shame.
Look. Luke fits arrow to his bow as Will takes a couple steps towards them.
ROBIN : OK, keep your chin up. Luke aims. And remember to t— The arrow flies, missing its target. To take a breath first. Chuckles.
LUKE : Wait, wait.
Luke goes to retrieve his arrow as Will drops his wood.
ROBIN : He’s a credit to you and Jane. Dan’s face falls. Robin realises Jane is dead. No...
DAN : Nods. Two years. Told us she was eating. Don’t think she was.
Much bows his head as Will sadly puts his hands on the fenceposts in front of him.
Couldn’t see her boys starve. The whole village has suffered, not just us.
ROBIN : Jane. Shakes his head. Your good, strong wife...
Dan nods sadly as Gisborne’s men gallop into the village. Will quickly takes the bow from Luke and hides it behind his back. Robin and Much turn around to watch, interested. Gisborne takes a spot in the middle as the men vigorously pull people from their homes and line them up in front of Gisborne.
GISBORNE :Ten sacks of flour have gone missing from the store. They will be found.
More peasants are dragged from their homes.
They will be accounted for. Wiggles his fingers.
From a cottage, Gisborne’s Man 2 brings out Benedict and Gisborne’s Man 1 brings out two sacks of flour and sets them down.
GISBORNE’S MAN 1 : No more, sir.
GISBORNE : Who helped this....points at Benedict... runt?
Luke glances at Will, who takes the wheat stalk out of his mouth.
Step forward now. I may show lenience.
Luke exchanges glances with Dan, and Dan knows the answer to Gisborne’s question. Will stares at Gisborne in defiance.
No. The remaining perpetrators will be found. This crime will be punished. Bring the boy.
ROBIN : Wait! Robin steps forward from the rear of the gathered villagers to the front. Gisborne looks down and stares at him from his horse. Guy of Gisborne?
GISBORNE’S MAN 1 : Sir Guy of Gisborne to you. And bow before your master!
ROBIN : Bows. Calmly but with authority Sir Guy of Gisborne. My name is Robin, Earl of Huntingdon and lord of this manor.
The villagers all whisper excitedly that Robin is home.
Your services here are no longer required.
Gisborne and Robin stare at each other as Much places a fur of ermine around Robin’s shoulders and kneels at his feet while the villagers all bow. Gisborne acknowledges Robin with a turn of his head and a slight sneer. Robin stands tall, trying not to look embarrassed at the deference from the peasants.

Robin walks through the tunnel to the front door, acknowledging servants by name, and they bow in return.
ROBIN : Charles. Thomas.
Robin enters the house and Hannah and Thornton smile brightly. Thornton reaches out to him, then remembers his place and drops his arms.
THORNTON : Welcome back, sir.
Robin steps forward and gives him a large hug. Thornton reacts to the tight squeeze.
To Hannah: A bath for the master, Hannah, and, er, fresh clothes immediately. Calling towards the back of the house: Mary!
MUCH : And me, too.
THORNTON : Puzzled Pardon ?
ROBIN : Thornton... glances at Much... Much is no longer my man-servant.
ROBIN : In recognition of his services to me in the Holy Land, he is to be made a free man!claps his hand on Much’s shoulder
Much stands taller. I am granting him the fields and lodge at Bonchurch. Until then, he is a guest in my house.
Thornton nods slightly in surprise but agreement.
MUCH : And I would like a plate of something, while I bathe.
Hands Robin’s bow to Thornton.
THORNTON : Clearly not pleased to be taking orders from Much, but obeying respectfully Very well.
Much walks past Thornton, heading to the rooms behind him. That is the way to the servant’s quarters.
MUCH : Stops and turns around. I knew that.
Much goes upstairs as Gisborne enters the manor. Thornton steps back out of his way as Gisborne stands in front of him, facing Robin.
GISBORNE : Welcome back, Locksley. Robin glares at him, eyes narrowed. Now, I have kept your lands for you. I have managed your estates to the best of my ability under the guidance of the Sheriff. Steps towards Robin. And I would appreciate more respect in front of the populace.
ROBIN : How many years have you been here?
GISBORNE : Three years, four winters.
ROBIN : And yet you still do not have the respect of the populace?
GISBORNE : Inhales sharply. My men and I will will leave directly for Nottingham. Steps towards the door.
ROBIN : My servants will help you pack.
GISBORNE : Turns back to Robin at the door How was the Holy Land?
ROBIN : Drops eye contact with Gisborne. Bloodthirsty. Walks away towards the back of the room. GISBORNE : Comes back in a step. I understand the King is winning, thanks be to God.
ROBIN : Stops and turns to face Gisborne. He’s killing more people.
GISBORNE : Ah, is that not winning?
ROBIN : Show me an argument ever settled with bloodshed and then I’ll call it winning.
GISBORNE : Slightly challenging Do not pretend that you do not love war. I’ve seen you fight.
ROBIN : When?
GISBORNE : Vaguely, as if he’s said too much, eyes wandering I do not recall.
ROBIN : Frowns slightly, noticing Gisborne’s change in attitude. I have changed.
GISBORNE : Sneers Ah. Inhales sharply. The Council of Nobles meets tomorrow in Nottingham. I’ve no doubt the Sheriff will call a feast to celebrate your safe return.
ROBIN : Shortly Goodbye.
GISBORNE: Goodbye. Steps outside.
ROBIN : One thing. Walks towards Gisborne.
Gisborne stops in the doorway. Robin leans on the jamb, facing Gisborne.
I shall celebrate my safe return, too, by pardoning any and all wrongdoers from my estates awaiting trial or punishment.
GISBORNE : Only the Sheriff can pardon, you know that.
ROBIN : It is custom for the Sheriff to accede to his nobles’ requests on such matters.
GISBORNE : Well, then I suggest you take it up with the Sheriff.
Gisborne leaves and Robin stares after him.

Much is in a bath. Another one stands ready for Robin. A table stands in between them with a plate of food and a bowl of rose petals.
Much grabs a large joint, takes a bite, sits back and sighs in complete contentment.
The door opens and Hannah walks in with some towels. Much quickly puts down the meat and covers his privates with his hands, watching wide-eyed at Hannah as she puts one towel on the washstand in the corner in front of Much and then stands by Robin’s tub, facing him.
HANNAH : Was it horrible, the war? What was it like?
MUCH : Not looking at her. War is for... for men. Looks at Hannah. You would be upset, little one.
HANNAH : Not impressed Yeah? I heard that dying men always ask for their mums.
Hannah folds a towel over Robin’s tub. Much takes a bunch of rose petals out of the bowl with his fingertips and shoves them into his mouth.
Chides That’s for the bath.
MUCH: What?
HANNAH : Rose petals.
Hannah smiles and walks to the door. Much watches her leave, spitting the petals out into the water. The door opens.
MUCH : I knew that!
The door closes. Much sits back and thinks, reminded of the war by Hannah’s question. He hears a battle in his head, grasps the charm around his neck, and starts to sob.
The door opens. Robin comes in and walks to the washbowl in the corner. Much quickly regains his composure.
ROBIN : Much, get dressed... if you want to visit the old sheriff.
He washes his face in the bowl, then dries it with the towel as Much speaks.
MUCH : Really? I would prefer, I have to say, the whole food, bath, sleep thing.
ROBIN : Walks to a table in the far corner behind Much. Of course. I forgot my promise to you. You don’t have to come.
Robin puts down the towel and pulls a vest off a hook on the wall and puts it on.
MUCH : Is something wrong?
ROBIN : England is wrong. Ties his scarf around his neck. And Nottinghamshire is worse. The old sheriff would never have allowed this. I have to hear his story before I go to Nottingham tomorrow. Sleep well, my friend. You have earned it.Walks towards the door and stops before Much.
Much sits back for a moment as Robin leaves, thinks a bit, then decides. He stands up.
MUCH : Master!

Outside the front door, Robin checks the saddle on his horse. Thornton contests his decision.
THORNTON : Master, the food?
ROBIN : Go into the village, bring every family here and feed them. Nobody here eats until they do, including me.
Robin finishes with the horse as Much comes out of the house half-dressed and carrying his jumper, cloak and sword in one hand and the joint in the other.
Those who are ill... claps Thornton on the shoulder... take the food to them.
THORNTON : Nods. Yes, Master.
Thornton goes to stand in the doorway as Robin steps to the horse’s head and looks at Ian holding the horse for him.
ROBIN : Ian?
Robin turns to leave the courtyard and Ian follows, leading the horse.
MUCH : Obviously you don’t mean that about nobody eating.
Robin stops, turns to Much and frowns. No? Robin holds out his hand to Much, who puts the joint in it. No, of course not. That’s fine.
Robin hands the joint to Thornton, who holds it up by Much’s nose as he enters the house. Grumbles: That’s fine.
Robin puts on his sword belt as Ian leads the horse out.
Yells towards the stable: Has anyone seen my horse?!

Two men are standing by the stable in plain sight as Robin and Much ride up past them. They watch curiously. Edward opens the door, after hearing them approach.
EDWARD : Shooing them away with his hand. Get out! Get away from here!
Robin and Much stop, surprised.
ROBIN : Edward, it is me, your friend, Robin of Locksley.
EDWARD : I know who you are! Crooks, come to deceive me! I’ll have none of you here!
ROBIN : Earnestly I swear, I come in friendship!
EDWARD : Get away! Shoos with his hand. I am no longer the sheriff. Leave me to live out my days in peace.
Marian appears in the doorway behind Edward, bow drawn.
MARIAN : You heard my father. Leave!
Robin is shocked to see Marian, but happy nonetheless.
ROBIN : Gently Marian, it is me, Robin.
MARIAN : Steps outside. Unimpressed Congratulations. Leave!
ROBIN : Smiling How are you? I thought of you.
MARIAN : Leave! Raises the bow a bit higher.
Robin relents as Much sighs.
MUCH : We are leaving.
Robin tries one last time with Edward as he goes into the house with Marian covering.
ROBIN : Sir Edward, if you do not remember me, remember Nottingham, remember your people!
Edward guides Marian backward into the house, bow drawn, and closes the door. Almost smiling, trying to comprehend, staring at the door Interesting.
MUCH : Interesting? That was unbelievable. He used to treat us like... like sons.
ROBIN : Smiles slightly. She is still unmarried.
MUCH : Oh, and I thought you’d come to see the old sheriff.
ROBIN : Looks at Much. I did!
MUCH : Unbelieving Please!

The villagers are leaving the manor as Robin and Much return. Three women pass them. Behind them Jeffrey is juggling eggs.
VILLAGER WOMAN : Bless you, Master Robin. We have all eaten well.
Robin takes her hand as she passes and then lets it go.
MUCH : Is there any food left ? I must confess, I am anxious.
Jeffrey with his wife and two children are leaving the manor.
JEFFREY : Robin! Robin!
ROBIN : Jeffrey ?
JEFFREY : Remember this ? Remember this ? High silly voice, holding up a hard-cooked egg My egg! my egg, where’s it gone? Pretends to swallow it. Low voice You’ve eaten it. High No, I haven’t. Puts his hand by his ear and reveals the egg. Normal Here it is!
Robin slaps Much’s stomach and chuckles. You used to love that when you were a lad.
ROBIN : Bends down to Jeffrey’s children Have you had lots to eat?
The older boy nods.
JEFFREY To Robin You’re a good boy. Thanks for feeding us. To the children Come on, then. Bring those eggs. Come on.
Jeffrey leaves with his family.
MUCH : Chuckling sarcastically That man is a show-off. If there are no eggs left, I’m going after him.
Robin notices Dan standing solemnly by the corner of the manor. He walks over to him.
ROBIN : Dan? What’s wrong?
Much looks over and follows Robin to Dan.
DAN : Sadly Young Benedict got frightened. He told Gisborne’s lot who took the flour with him.
ROBIN : Knowingly Your boys.
DAN : They’ve taken them to Nottingham. Pleadingly Robin...
ROBIN : I will resolve this. I will talk to the Sheriff, I promise. Puts hand on Dan’s shoulder, then goes inside.

Robin and Much ride on horseback to the town, Robin with no bow or quiver, only his scimitar. At the bridge to the main gate, they notice many peasants under and around it, some with slats for shelters.
They ride through the gate and there are few people roaming the streets inside.
MUCH : Where is everybody? Funny, Wednesday used to be market day.
ROBIN : Solemnly I think Wednesday may still be market day.
MUCH : Frowning Surely some mistake.

The Sheriff is laughing heartily as a boy polishes his boots. Gisborne has just informed him of his encounter with Robin.
GISBORNE : Arms crossed, offended at the Sheriff ’s joking manner My lord, I do not think that this is a laughing matter.
SHERIFF : Sorry, remind me. How many men do you have?
GISBORNE : Sighs deeply, knowing what’s coming. Twenty-four.
SHERIFF : And he had?
GISBORNE : One. But the point—
SHERIFF : Interrupts. But you let him take the house.
GISBORNE : Technically, it is still his property.
SHERIFF : La-la-da-di-da. Laughs again.
GISBORNE : I would have appreciated more support in this matter.
SHERIFF : Relax, relax. I’ll get it back for you within a month.
Gisborne leaves as the Sheriff chuckles. Twenty-four. One.

Robin and Much have left their horses in the care of the stableboys. Robin takes off his gloves as they climb up the steps to the main door of the castle and looks up at the gallows as he passes.

The Council of Nobles meeting has started without Robin. The long table is set crosswise opposite the doors; the nobles are sitting in chairs arranged in a half circle facing it.
WOODVALE : Standing, addressing Sheriff It has been a good month. We have collected nearly £300.
SHERIFF : Shh. Points to Woodvale. Would you want to be the King in Antioch... clue: no... trying to feed a starving army on £300? You promised...£500.
WOODVALE : Voice faltering It’s more than we have managed before.
SHERIFF : Flatly Oh, yippee. So the King is starving in the Holy Land and you have failed him, but... high-pitched voice “It’s more than we ever managed before.”
GUARD : At the door, announcing Robin of Locksley.
Everyone, Marian included, looks up as Robin makes an entrance.
ROBIN : Good morning, everyone.
Robin comes downstairs and tosses his cape on the post at the foot as the Sheriff watches, unimpressed. Robin goes to the centre vacant chair and unbuckles his sword belt in front of it. Much stands behind the chair.
In an exaggerated careless way: Carry on. He tosses the scimitar to Much, who catches it, then sits down, slumped with his chin on his hand.
SHERIFF : Locksley, welcome back. I trust Sir Guy of Gisborne managed your estates to your satisfaction?
ROBIN : I believe he may have managed them to [points at the Sheriff] your satisfaction. Puts his hand back under his chin.
SHERIFF : Some of your peasants are unruly, by the way. We have two in custody awaiting punishment.
GISBORNE : Staring at Robin. Three.
SHERIFF : Three? Hard discipline will be a problem. Points to Robin. Be warned. Points to Loughborough. Loughborough.
LOUGHBOROUGH : Stands. Sheriff, thank you. I can report—
ROBIN : Interrupts. Discipline has never been a problem on my estates.
Loughborough is surprised and a bit wary of the Sheriff ’s possible reaction to Robin’s interruption.
SHERIFF : Times have changed.
ROBIN : Not for the better, it seems.
Loughborough sits down.
SHERIFF : You, of all people, should know, that the King needs funds to fight our Holy War.
ROBIN : Is it our Holy War, or is it Pope Gregory’s ?
SHERIFF : We stand shoulder to shoulder with Rome.
ROBIN : And we fall shoulder to shoulder, too. I have seen it.
SHERIFF : Then what is your proposal to raise money for the King?
ROBIN : Stands and approaches the Sheriff. Stop all taxes. Today!
The other nobles cough to suppress their laughter.
SHERIFF : Sarcastically Amusing.
ROBIN : Leans on Sheriff ’s table. I do not joke. Today is market day, and yet there is no market.
SHERIFF : His temper starts to rise. And your point is...
ROBIN : Turns to face the nobles. If a man can make more than he needs for his family, he can take what remains to market. He can trade. And the shire can take its share. But until then, we must help every man, every peasant, every pieman, every pinner provide for his family. Get him trading again!
Robin goes back to his chair and sits on its back with his feet on the seat. The Sheriff stands and paces behind the table.
SHERIFF : A man... who can... provide for his family is a comfortable man, a lazy man. Doesn’t want to work.
The other nobles nod in agreement.
What we need are hungry men. Leans on his hands on the table. Our noble friend seems to forget that hungry men... sits in his chair, facing Robin... are virtuous.
ROBIN : Leaning on his knees. There is a celebration of my return tonight in the Great Hall.
SHERIFF : Wishing there wasn’t now. Indeed.
ROBIN : Sits down properly in his chair. Well, I trust none of us virtuous men will be feasting?
Satisfied, Robin leans back in his chair, feet sticking out, hands together at his chin, looking at the Sheriff. Gisborne and the Sheriff stare at him as the nobles look back and forth. Marian looks at the Sheriff, trying to gauge his reaction.

The Sheriff, angry that Robin outwitted him, slams his hat on his bed, paces back and forth, then grabs a bird out of a cage and caresses it between his hands, then squeezes it too hard. The bird’s bones crunch. He looks down at his hands, horrified at what he has just done to one of his precious birds.

Marian makes to pass Robin in the hall, but roughly stops him with her hand.
MARIAN : My father seems to think he should see you. Looking around for anyone listening. Our house is watched. Come after midnight tonight.
ROBIN : Very well. Looks her up and down. You’re looking... striking. And if you still live with your father, that must mean—
MARIAN : Interrupts. Take care not to be seen.
ROBIN : Smugly and a bit condescending Don’t worry, I can look after myself.
MARIAN : I don’t care about you; I care about my father. Quietly Are you really as naïve as you seem? You think you can pick fights with these people and get away with it? You think you can slight them in public? You’re a fool. Slight smile. Marian turns to leave, but Robin stops her, then glances behind him. She turns back around, annoyed.
ROBIN : Marian, wait. Now is not the time, I know, but I must say you are... more than ever... your eyes. Marian smiles, flattered by this last comment.
And even when you look at me in anger, I feel you.Marian’s face changes back to annoyed. Now she knows Robin is just using his lines on her.
I believe you can still... Robin moves in to caress her cheek and Marian looks down, a bit offended, at this hand.
... even after all this time... you can see into my soul.
Robin leans in for a kiss, but Marian puts her hand to his lips.
MARIAN : Five years and you’re still peddling the same old drivel. Does it ever work?
ROBIN : You’d be surprised.
MARIAN : Sarcastically Amazed!
Marian roughly pushes past Robin and leaves. Robin looks after her, half-puzzled, half falling in love again.

The Jailer leads Robin and Much down the steps. They stop at the bottom.
JAILER : To an assistant Bring out the Locksley lot. Tosses the keys to him.
Allan recognises Robin and comes to his cell door.
ALLAN : Hey, jailer! Jailer! That’s me! Jailer! You listening? The Jailer ignores him and he and Robin walk past. I’m from Locksley! Jailer! I’m from Locksley!

Robin sits on a bench, Much stands beside him and the Jailer stands to one side. The door opens and Benedict, Will and Luke are pushed in. Benedict and Luke are visibly frightened; Will stands proud and defiant. Robin keeps a straight and stern face.
JAILER : Give your names.
WILL : Will and Luke Scarlett.
ROBIN : What is your crime?
WILL : Living in the wrong place at the wrong time. Living under an evil sheriff. Where do our taxes go? They go to Nottingham, to the Sheriff, to his birds—
The Jailer nods to his assistant, who slaps Will forcefully, interrupting his sentence.
JAILER : Looking at Benedict: Name.
BENEDICT : Benedict, son of Richard Giddens, serf of Locksley.
Will fingers his slapped cheek.
ROBIN : What is your crime?
BENEDICT : Stealing flour.
ROBIN : Are you guilty? Benedict looks down guiltily, but says nothing. What is your punishment?
BENEDICT : Shakes his head, not looking up. Don’t know.
The Jailer reaches up and tugs on his collar. Much sees it.
MUCH : Hanging? No, surely not.
Robin looks at the boys for their reaction. Will’s eyes are wide and the others are taking it in.
LUKE : What?
BENEDICT : Hanging?
LUKE : Robin...
The Jailer nods to his assistants.
The boys are pulled out of the room.
LUKE : They told me you’d save us! My dad told me you’d save us!
Robin glares at Much as the door closes.
JAILER : Do you mind? We don’t tell ’em if it’s the dangle. They kick up a hell of a stink.
MUCH : Glares at the Jailer. For stealing flour. Hanging?
JAILER : The Sheriff wants an example. We’ve just had word—
ROBIN : Stands up, interrupting the Jailer I’ll be speaking to the Sheriff. Meanwhile, you treat this prisoners well, or you’ll have me to answer to.
Door opens.
JAILER : You’ve got one more.
The Jailer goes to the door and brings in Allan, who smiles at Robin as Robin sits down again.
ROBIN : Sighs. You’re not from Locksley.
ALLAN : Quietly I know, but you saved me once before.
ROBIN : That was a long way from Nottingham. Here I am known.
ALLAN : Look, you’re saving those others, you’ll save me. For my wife... my newborn babe. Tries to look pitiful.
MUCH : You said your wife was expecting.
ALLAN : Perks up. Nope, she had it!
ROBIN : Your lies today may be your undoing.
Allan glances at the Jailer.
I cannot save the others, and now I fear you will share their fate.
ALLAN : What fate?
Robin stands and leaves the room. Much follows.
To the Jailer: I’m not from Locksley. Did—did I say Locksley? There’s been a mistake here. I’m from Rochdale. Rochdale! That’s why they call me Allan A Dale!
JAILER : Yeah, and I’m from wild Wales.
Robin and Much climb the stairs out of the dungeons.
JAILER : Throw him in with the Locksley lot!

The Sheriff and Gisborne are watching the feast below from the balcony. Robin, with a stern look on his face, and Much enter behind them. Gisborne glares at Robin.
SHERIFF : Ah, Huntingdon, you’re missing your own feast. Looks back down. Rumours abound.
ROBIN : In no mood for games. What rumours?
SHERIFF : Not looking at Robin. That you are weak. That you have returned weakened from your exertions in the Holy Land.
MUCH : My master returns with honours, honours from the King.
Robin holds up his hand in front of Much to silence him.
SHERIFF : Glances at Robin. Mmm. Well the greater honour would have been to have stood and fought with him, surely?
ROBIN : I have visited my peasants in your dungeons. They have committed grave crimes.
MUCH : Master, surely—
ROBIN : Continuing without pause for Much Which would make all the more compassionate your gesture of pardoning them.
SHERIFF : Looking below Pardoning them? I will see them hang... Looks at Robin... in the morning. You yourself said that we risk rebellion. We must have order.
ROBIN : It is custom for the sheriff to hear his nobles’ requests for clemency.
SHERIFF : Looks down. La-di-da-di-da. Gisborne smirks. Oh, by the way, in your absence we nominated you to oversee tomorrow’s entertainment.
SHERIFF : Oh, you don’t want these rumours of weakness to spread, hm? Better scotch them now... turns to face Robin... otherwise we’ll all pay.
The Sheriff goes out the door behind him, leaving Robin staring at Gisborne. Gisborne raises his eyebrows as Marian enters next to Much.
GISBORNE : Marian. Might I have the pleasure of your company?
Marian glances at Robin, who is not looking at her, then halfsmiles unwillingly at Gisborne. Gisborne smirks at Robin again as he takes Marian’s arm. Much steps aside to let them pass and Gisborne leads her downstairs.
Robin stands still, silently fuming, then turns to lean on the railing, looking down below. He turns his head to watch Marian descend, then turns it back just as Marian looks up and back at him.

Robin and Much make their secret midnight visit. Robin knocks on the door. Marian opens it and steps out, looking around.
MARIAN : Looking at Robin Well? Don’t just stand there. If the Sheriff ’s men see—
ROBIN : Interrupts. What? Sarcastically You might give them the pleasure of your company?
MARIAN : Unamused Grow up! Steps inside.

Edward and Robin are seated, facing each other. Marian stands to the left of Edward, Much to the right of Robin.
EDWARD : Forgive me. I could not welcome you before.
ROBIN : How did this monster become sheriff ?
EDWARD : I did not watch my back. Prince John gives out the shires in his brother’s absence. My bid was not accepted.
ROBIN : What can be done?
EDWARD : I can do nothing. I am watched. And I must think of my daughter. Marian is slightly flustered. When I speak, no-one listens. Robin, it is down to you, my friend.
Robin puts his hand to his chin, thinking.
MUCH : What can we do?
EDWARD : Play Nottingham’s game. Speak to the lords. Slowly you can turn them. Do not make the mistake I and others have made and make your dissent public. Consolidate your position quietly.
ROBIN : I do not have time. Tomorrow I am to order the hanging of four of my own peasants.
EDWARD : It will be the long game, I’m afraid.
ROBIN : Will and Luke Scarlett cannot wait. Benedict Giddens. Allan A Dale.
MARIAN : You must let them die. It is a test. Fail it, and there will be consequences.
ROBIN : Perhaps!
MARIAN : Definitely. Glances at Edward. This is not a game—
EDWARD : Holds up hand to silence Marian. My daughter speaks when she should not. Marian is annoyed and takes a step back. But she is right. You have no choice, Robin.
In his eyes only, Robin shows his frustration and disappointment.
Hide your temper, bide your time until you can act decisively. Or kiss your lands, if not your life, goodbye.
Robin unhappily ponders this.

By the fire, Robin is slumped in a chair, leaning on a .st, trying to think of a way to rescue the boys. He head twitches as he gets an idea.

The next morning, Robin and Much sombrely enter as two women yell at him.
WOMAN 1 : Spits at Robin’s feet. Murderer!
WOMAN 2 : Murderer! Spits in Robin’s face.
Robin stops and wipes it off without a reaction. He continues walking through the crowd to Dan, but Much remains put.
DAN : Robin, it’s not your fault.
The castle doors open to a fanfare and the Sheriff walks out. Robin looks up at him, defeated. The Sheriff steps halfway down the stairs as Robin trudges to meet him there.
SHERIFF : Lords! Ladies! People of Nottingham!
Marian and Edward stand in the cloister, watching solemnly.
We are gathered here today to witness the carrying out of justice in the name of God and King Richard. Through the scroll of parchment Bring out the prisoners! Smiles.
The crowd turn to their left to watch the Jailer lead Allan, Will, Luke and Benedict, all with their hands tied behind their backs, down the side stairs to the gallows.
Robin of Locksley, Earl of Huntingdon, having recently returned from the Holy War with a personal commendation from the King himself ...
Allan tries to make a break for it, but is pulled back by a soldier.
... will read the proclamation.
The Sheriff hands the scroll to Robin, who roughly takes it. Enjoy.
Allan is pushed up onto the platform.
Quietly to Robin: Oh, and no second thoughts, Locksley, or your friend Much will be dropping in on us as our special guest today.
The Sheriff looks up to the battlements where Much is being held bent over near the edge. Robin looks up slightly, and glances aside.
ROBIN : Reading off the parchment “Let it be heard and known about the lands and realms of Richard, His Majesty, King of England, that on this, the twenty-sixth day of April, in the year of our Lord eleven hundred and ninety-two, the following men having been tried under law and found guilty: Benedict Giddens of Locksley, Will Scarlett of Locksley, Luke Scarlett of Locksley, Allan A Dale of Locksley. These same men have been sentenced to hang by a rope until they are dead.”
A drum beats slowly as hoods/sacks are placed over the prisoners’ heads. The crowd groans.
DAN : Will! Luke!
Jeffrey, in the crowd in a plain black cloak, is waiting anxiously. Marian is anxious as the nooses are set around the prisoners’ necks. Jeffrey looks at Robin, who nods almost imperceptibly.
SHERIFF : May the souls—
JEFFREY : Raises hand and interrupts Wait!
The drum stops.
SHERIFF : Annoyed Nah, nah, nah, please don’t kill my brother, my little baby, my inbred cousin!
JEFFREY : On behalf of Anthony, our bishop, I claim benefit of clergy for these men. Points towards the gallows. They cannot hang.
SHERIFF : These are not holy men. These people cannot plead the cloth. Get on with it.
JEFFREY : I came last night to administer their last rites.
The Sheriff looks at the Jailer, who shrugs largely.
SHERIFF : Snaps So?
JEFFREY : And each one came to God through me, repenting their sins and asking to take the cloth. I felt duty-bound to consult the bishop, and he, in turn, confers status of novice unto each man.
SHERIFF : Shut up.
JEFFREY : Unfurls a scroll, turns it right-side up, then pretends to read “I, Anthony, very reverend vicar apostolic, hereby confer—
SHERIFF : Interrupts Shut up!
Jeffrey is silent as the crowd looks at the Sheriff.
To Canon Richard, in a monk’s habit, standing to the side of the steps near the Sheriff: Is this possible?
CANON RICHARD : They could not have become novices overnight.
JEFFREY : They are become postulants! A bit weakly: Novice novices, if you like. Strongly: And so are under the protection of the Church.
Jeffrey glances at Robin, who smiles slightly with the far corner of his mouth. Jeffrey glances at the Sheriff, then back at Robin. The Sheriff notices this and frowns, turning to stare at Robin, who glances at him, then the Sheriff looks at Jeffrey.
SHERIFF : Novice novices? How novel. Well... hang them... points to the gallows... and arrest him. Points to Jeffrey.
The crowd murmurs in disbelief as Jeffrey tries to make a run for it, but is quickly caught by the guards, who each hold a halberd to his throat. They pull off his hood and his fake beard. Jeffrey looks apologetically at Robin.
Where’s the drum? Pom, pom, pom-pom.
The drumbeats start again.
Quietly to Robin: Watch and enjoy, Robin. Oh, your priest will talk, and then you will be done for, my friend. The drumming speeds up. May the souls of these men find forgiveness in heaven.
The Sheriff nods to the gallows and the four stools are kicked out from under the doomed men. The crowd gasps. Marian shows a bit of horror as the Sheriff smiles at Robin, then turns to go down the corridor past the cloister.
DAN : I love you, boys! I love you, Will. Love you, Luke! I’ll see you in heaven!
Gisborne stares at Robin before following the Sheriff.
Robin’s mind is thinking back to all the things he’s witnessed in the past day: Luke’s young innocence, Dan’s missing hand, Luke’s “you’d save us!”, his own hand caressing the bush entering Locksley, Gisborne at Locksley, the Sheriff. Robin looks at the two archers to his left and attacks the .rst one with a punch. Marian turns to watch. The Sheriff and Gisborne hurry to the cloister to see what the commotion is. Robin punches out the second archer and grabs the archer’s longbow and four arrows from his quiver as he falls. Robin steps back, draws and aims at the gallows, holding the other arrows along the curve of the bow.
ROBIN : People of Nottingham! He lets an arrow fly and it splices Allan’s rope. Allan falls. Dan is astonished. Robin aims another arrow. These men have committed no crime worth more than a spell in the stocks.
Robin draws and the arrow cuts Will’s rope as the guards struggle with the crowd to get their prisoners back. Dan is ecstatic; Robin is saving his boys!
Will you tolerate this injustice? Holds bow horizontally, with two arrows set, one on either side of his hand. I, for one, will not.
Robin aims carefully, then lets the arrows fly. They cut down both Luke and Benedict. The crowd cheer as guards advance on Robin. Robin throws the bow at the first guard. He ducks a sword swung at him by a second and grabs the guard’s arm on the rebound and kicks the sword from his grip as Marian, the Sheriff and Gisborne watch, frozen in shock. Robin takes out two more guards with his stolen sword as Dan takes the hoods off Will, Benedict and Luke and leads them away.
DAN : This way!
MUCH : Master, help!
Robin stops and looks up at the battlements where the guards are about to push Much off.
SHERIFF : Yield, Locksley, or say farewell to your little mulch.
ROBIN : His name... is Much.
SHERIFF :Well, he’ll be mulch in a moment. Smiles and looks up at the battlements.
Robin looks back at Much, steps forward and throws the sword up. It spins around, turns horizontal and strikes the two guards in their helmets safely over Much’s head, knocking them out and back and freeing Much. The Sheriff frowns. Dan hands Will a hatchet, hugs Luke, then leads Luke and Benedict away.
DAN : Let’s go!
Much is still looking down from the battlements and he sees an archer behind Robin lining up his shot.
MUCH : Pointing to the archer Master, look out!
Robin turns and sees the archer. Marian and the Sheriff turn to look, too. Robin raises his hands, defenceless. Marian sees this and reaches back to her hair and pulls out a small decorated dagger, one of a pair. The archer looks to the Sheriff for permission to fire. The Sheriff nods and Marian throws her dagger into the arm of the archer, who mis.res. Robin turns his head to watch the arrow fly harmlessly past him. He looks up at the bowman and sees the dagger in his arm, then he looks around to see who threw it. He locks eyes with Marian, who raises her eyebrows in acknowledgement. She turns around so Robin can see the one remaining dagger in her hair. Robin smiles slightly, realising she still cares for him.
Much, meanwhile, has run down the stairs of the tower to the gate where Will and Jeffrey are waiting.
MUCH : Robin!
JEFFREY : This way! Points out the gate.
Robin runs down the steps.
SHERIFF : Don’t just stand there! Get after him!
The soldiers follow Robin as he runs to the gate.
GISBORNE : To his men near him Prepare to return to Locksley. This time, for good.
Robin, Much, Will and Jeffrey run out the castle gate into town. The Sheriff is livid, but Gisborne smiles smugly.
Robin and Much reach their horses by the town gate. Robin mounts his as Much stops, staring through the gate.
MUCH : To himself Archers. To Robin Master, archers. What do we do?
ROBIN : Turns his horse towards the gate. Let’s give them something to shoot at. Go-go-go!
Much climbs up behind Robin as Will and Allan mount the other horse.
The six archers are kneeling behind a small barricade. They take aim. Robin whips his horse ahead.
ROBIN : Excitedly (not trying to stop the horse) Whoa!
On the other horse, Will looks determined, eyes narrowed. Allan is bewildered behind him. The archers fire and arrows fly past the outlaws’ heads, then the archers scatter to avoid the horses jumping over the barricade. The outlaws gallop down the road.

Between the tall rock walls, Will has built a fire. Much sits beside it. Allan and Robin each lean on a elbow on the ground. A rabbit roasts over the fire.
WILL : I’m just getting some kindling. Stands and leaves.
MUCH : Looking sideways at Robin. Be honest with me. This... does not bode well for my lodge ... my Bonchurch. Looks at Robin.
Robin looks up at Much and raises his eyebrows as a shrug, then looks down.
I knew it.
ALLAN : This is your lodge now, my friends. Sherwood Lodge.
MUCH : I’m not your friend.
Robin shushes them and looks around. Much looks at Robin. Robin stands up, then looks up on top of the tall wall facing him.
ROY : Excuse me!
Four figures appear in the twilight on top of the rock.
This is our forest!
Hanton and Forrest aim bows at Robin and Little John looks down angrily. Robin stares up at them, agape in disbelief.

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