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Turkey Feathers

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Marian de Knighton
♣ Lady / Nightwatchman ♣

√ LOCALISATION : In the arms of Robin

● Age: 21 printemps
● Titre: Noble
● Inventaire:

MessageSujet: Turkey Feathers Jeu 6 Mai - 17:30

... Turkey Feathers ...


ETE 1192

It was dark and quiet in Sherwood Forest, as the lord of the wood stood watch over his gang's camp. Robin, formerly of Locksley, Earl of Huntington, sat some distance away from the sleeping men, fletching arrows he may need at the dawn. The dove feathers he was using were inferior than turkey feathers, but if doves were the only thing he could find, then that's what he would use. It was better than nothing, which was usually the case in the Holy Land. Robin's bow had been so strong, and his aim true to grant the enemy a quick death, that the arrow often went through the target, making reuse impossible. But the lack of turkey feathers - and the lack of men and food and shelter and dry socks - were fouling his temper.

He heard a distant rustle and stilled, listening for telltale signs of someone creeping up on him. Nothing was evident, so he went back to his feathers. Until a hand tapped his shoulder- startled he whirled around, intending to stab the man with the arrow in his hand…

It was Marian.

"You startle easily, Robin of Locksley."

"I am used to a different standard of living than the lady is", he said bitterly, letting his temper get the better of him.

Marian tensed, immidatly on the defensive.

"And what is that supposed to imply, my lord?"

"Oh nothing, my lady," he mocked, throwing the arrow down in disgust.

She was silent a moment; an owl hooted somewhere in the distance making him jump again.

"You chose this life Robin of Locksley. I warned you, but you did not listen to the warnings of a woman, one who understood the situation better than you."

She dropped a bag that she was carrying concealed under her cloak.

"I have brought you a turkey, both to eat, and because I know the superiority of turkey feathers in your fletching. God knows you need all the help you can get."

"And what is that supposed to imply?"

"Only that you are a fool, on a fool's errand, and will most likely fail in your games of stealing from the sherriff and giving to the poor."

"Oh, and I suppose you are doing so much for the poor, sleeping in soft mattresses on clean linens, with warm food in your belly, and a suitor at your side, but at least you are working within the system!!" yelled Robin, not caring who he woke up.

"You have no idea what I have been through, and what I do to help the peasants in my care!"

"You are right! Because I do not waste time with the council of nobles! It is fruitless!"

"Fool! Each small battle of wills with the Sheriff will eventually slow his stead, and buy us time until King Richard comes home!"

"And I suppose that flirting with Sir Guy of Gisborne is yet a battle in your war of wills?!!" Robin accused.

"Oh I see. For a man of action you take some time to come around to the point."

"What are you talking about?"

"You are jealous of Sir Guy, because you believe he has my affections."

"Well, does he not? Do not deny that you spend more time with him than any other suitor!"

"Look around you! Do you see any other suitors? Anyone who would have me is either married or away to the Crusades! You live in the forrest now, is that a fit place to bring a bride?! What threshold would you carry her over? Where would you put the cradle?!"

"Yes, I flirt with Sir Guy - but only because – mmph!"

Robin, being the man of action that she accused him of being, had grown tired of her words and instead tried to pull her into a rough kiss – but miss it. Quickly, she has put her hand on the side of his face and stops him. Robin sighed, frustrated.

"You know I do not care for Sir Guy", she said calmly.

"Good" he reply shortly.

"But what would you have me do?"

Robin sighed. "I do not know. But it kills me when you are alone with him."

"I am never truly alone with him."

"God bless your father."

"Yes", she said, "Know this, Robin of Locksley. Sir Guy of Gisborne may have qualities, but remember that five years ago I was prepared to marry you."

"Does that mean you still would?"

She smiled at him, the same mysterious smile that she gave him when she was not going to answer, and said simply, "Enjoy the turkey, Robin."

She slipped away from his piercing blue eyes that still claimed her, even after an absence of five years.
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Turkey Feathers

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