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By My Side, Your Hand In Mine

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Marian de Knighton

Marian de Knighton
♣ Lady / Nightwatchman ♣

√ LOCALISATION : In the arms of Robin

● Age: 21 printemps
● Titre: Noble
● Inventaire:

By My Side, Your Hand In Mine Vide
MessageSujet: By My Side, Your Hand In Mine By My Side, Your Hand In Mine Icon_minitimeLun 10 Mai - 1:34

By My Side, Your Hand In Mine

By My Side, Your Hand In Mine 1e97nt

- Chapitre 1 : Guilt -


Marian sat at the edge of the outlaw's camp, her knees were drawn up to her chest, she was looking out at the forest but she wasn't really seeing it, her eyes had long glazed over with unshed tears. She didn't like fighting with Robin, but that was all they seemed to do. Marian was still dwelling on the death of her father; she couldn't comprehend why Robin hadn't understood what was wrong with her. Surely he could see that she was feeling guilty and still grieving. Robin could see her, they had called a truce yet there was clearly something bothering her, he got to his feet and headed towards her, but a hand on his chest stopped him; "John?" he looked up at the big man for an explanation.

"You want to understand her?" he asked and Robin nodded; "She is still grieving for her father, it is understandable that she will want to act out. He was murdered and she wants revenge, surely you saw how angry Carter was when he wanted revenge, yet you are stifling her. She wants to scream but you're placing a hand over her mouth". Robin was not sure if he had ever heard Little John speak as much as he did now, it was so very out of character that it caused Robin to stop and really listen; "Let her know that you miss him too", he paused and Robin looked over at her.

"I do miss him". He said honestly.

John sighed and shook his head; "When your father died, you wanted to hurt someone did you not?" Robin looked down at his feet suddenly ashamed, how had he not seen sooner what was wrong; "I think you have some talking to do". John told him letting Robin move towards Marian again.

"Thank you". Robin told him as he moved closer to her. His footsteps rustled as leaves crunched underfoot, he noticed Marian wipe her eyes hastily and all he wanted to do was reach out to her and hold her, tell her that it would all be alright. Of course he could not make such predictions and he wasn't sure if Marian would let him hold her in the first place; "Marian". She whipped around blindly, her vision clearly blurred by her tears; "We need to talk, about today". He told her. He should have known that their little truce was merely not enough; she sniffed and nodded wiping her eyes on her sleeve.

"I am sorry". She whispered, he wasn't sure what she was sorry for, her rash actions in the morning that could have had them all killed, the temper with which she spoke to him, or was she apologizing for her tears. He smiled down at her sadly; "Do you understand yet?" she asked him, the pleading look in her eyes told him how much pain she was in, he nodded slowly.

"I was a fool, I should have known that it had something to do with your father". He said kneeling down to face her; "You wanted to get revenge for his death". He told her, she nodded, seeing now that he knew what she was feeling. At last. He moved to her and pressed his lips quickly to her forehead, he wanted her to know that he was here for her; "I'm sorry that I didn't see sooner". He said looking down at her. She had closed her eyes and was smiling, he hugged her to him, he was pleased to feel her relax against him.

"I should have said something". She said giving him an excuse, sharing the blame, she pulled away and placed a hand on his cheek; "We're together now, we should talk". She said and he nodded before kissing her nose, this elicited a giggled from his lady. A giggle that he found irresistible, he drew her to him and kissed her properly their lips moved against each other, Marian smiled against him feeling him pushing her backwards onto the ground. The two young lovers landed on the hard ground with a thud before they both broke apart and began laugh; "I like the way you talk". Marian told him, the pair now lay beside one another on the ground.

Robin grinned at her; "That was a rather, enjoyable conversation". He said humour dancing in his eyes. Marian grinned it was quite clear that she agreed with him. The two of them lay in silence looking up at the canopy of trees above them; "Will you be alright?" Robin asked breaking the comfortable silence that they had fallen into. Marian's head was now resting on Robin's shoulder, she turned into him and looked up at him.

"I will be fine", she paused and reached for his hand, giving it a squeeze; "now that I am with you." The second part was whispered but he had heard her. He smiled to himself please with her response, and glad that she would be ok now.

He grinned and kissed the top of her head; "Good". He said with finality. The conversation was done, Robin had got the final word, Marian was happy to let him have it, glad that he understood her.

In the outlaws camp, Little John smiled to himself, young love was something to light up anyone's hearts. He had done his part, and perhaps thanks to him they would get a few days peace without the pair of them arguing. Hopefully.

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Marian de Knighton

Marian de Knighton
♣ Lady / Nightwatchman ♣

√ LOCALISATION : In the arms of Robin

● Age: 21 printemps
● Titre: Noble
● Inventaire:

By My Side, Your Hand In Mine Vide
MessageSujet: Re: By My Side, Your Hand In Mine By My Side, Your Hand In Mine Icon_minitimeMar 11 Mai - 19:33

By Your Side, Your Hand In Miine

- Chapitre 2 : Alone No More -

Later in the evening...

They had made it through another day. But what a day it had been.

An attempted assassination. The constant bickering. Disobeying orders. Saving Robin's life. Kissing Gisborne…to save Robin's life. Again.

Marian shivered at the thought though she was sitting by the fire. She looked around her at the gang. They seemed unaffected. Each was employed with their own specialized task. Djaq was mixing herbs. Will was carving. Little John was splitting wood with little effort. Much was cooking. And Robin…

Robin stood in the center of it all, hands on his hips and a smile playing over his expression. She loved that smile. It was a smile of contentment and rare peace. It was the smile that said, "This is good. All is right with the world."

But all wasn't right with the world.

At least not her world.

The Sherriff was still in power. The King had not yet returned.

And her father was dead.

She hadn't even had the chance to burry him. To grieve properly. As so much that had happened in her life, the unexpected came swift and powerful and mercilessly tilted her world out of control, leaving her time only to react, never to think or feel.

In the space of a heartbeat, she had become an orphan, changed her residence and officially cast her lot with outlaws. Now, the shock of it all was hitting her like ice water.

And she wasn't at all sure where she belonged.

She meant what she said to Robin. She did want to be part of his gang. Had wanted to be part of it for so long. To openly fight by his side. To be part of the legend he was.

But she also meant what she said to Little John. She had expected things to be different living in the forest. She'd expected to finally feel free. She'd expected…

To not feel so alone.

At that precise moment, Robin's gaze met hers and held. Volumes were spoken in the silent look. As if answering her unspoken call, he came to sit by her side and gathered her hand in his. The warmth that spread through her was almost painful.

For the next few hours, he did exactly what he said he would not—he mollycoddled her. It was the little things. Making sure she had the spot closest to the fire. Getting her plate for her. Little touches, here and there. Her hand in his, releasing it only when necessary, which meant the dinner they were currently eating was with his left hand.

It did not go un-noticed by the gang. And the gang's exchanged looks didn't go un-noticed by Marian. A subtle tension hung in the air. Topics of conversation were surface, trifling. Even Much was quieter than usual. She unconsciously sank into the shadows as their light banter bounced back and forth around her, but did not include her.

An outsider. A distraction. A risk.

That's what she'd always been.

In those moments when Robin's focus was on her safety, not the mission. At those times when he'd turned his back on them in exchange for a few stolen minutes. For that one day when his struggle with her choice of a traitor had changed him into a man they did not know.

Her gaze flickered from one familiar face to the next. Djac, the tough healer. Will, the quiet builder. Little John, the gentle mountain. And Much, the loyal friend. Each had a role to play. Each held a special place in Robin's life. Each was, no doubt, wondering how Marian's move to the forest would change the fundamental dynamics of the gang.

Especially with Robin's edict that she not be seen with them. It seemed even in her allegiance to him, she was not to be tainted. Not to be branded an outlaw. Not to suffer the consequences should they fall.

Part of them, yet separate. Beyond loved…worshipped. Robin would risk anything for any of his men. For Marian, he would die.

And they all knew it. She could see it in their eyes.

An outsider. A distraction. A risk.

Perhaps that's what she'd always be. To them.

Robin's family.

Marian glanced at Robin. He sent her a playful wink, blissfully unaware of the storm brewing before him. She sighed, her decision made. She squared her shoulders, her mind set. She could not, would not, come between the man she loved and the family he needed.

Even if it meant certain rejection.

As the gang began to disperse and Much picked up the plates, there was a lull in conversation. Marian cleared her throat and spoke for the first time in hours. "I have something to say."

Everyone froze where they were and turned curious but wary eyes her direction. Her gaze met each of theirs before she attempted to address them. She swallowed hard. Now that she had their attention, the words seemed to be stuck in her throat.

Marian felt the gentle, reassuring squeeze of Robin's hand. It was enough to give her strength.

"I'm sorry." The question in their eyes prompted her to explain. "My actions these past few days have been impulsive and reckless. Instead of listening to Robin, I put you all in danger. And I'm sorry you've had to endure my outbursts. I know my presence here was a decision made between Robin and myself and that none of you had a say in the matter."

Robin stiffened next to her. "Marian…"

She turned to him and stilled his protest with a look. "Robin, you were right. This is a team. And in our desire to be together, we've forgotten that the decisions we take affect more than ourselves." Her large blue eyes were pleading. "I need to say this. Please."

He nodded his assent and covered their entwined hands with his, lending his silent support in a tangible way.

She turned back to the group. "I'm not used to this. Following orders. Being responsible to anyone. Being part of anything larger than myself." A pain that was unmistakable flickered through her eyes. "I've always been alone."

She continued, her voice softening with remembrance. "My mother died when I was still a young girl and my fath…" She paused, a lump tightened in her throat. A warm arm wrapped around her shoulders and the gentle pressure of his hand in hers gave her the courage to continue.

She cleared her throat. "In grief, my father threw himself into his work. I was left in the care of servants which meant I was free to entertain myself or…" She glanced at Robin with a knowing smile. "…risk my life on foolish adventures with foolish neighborhood boys."

"With the Crusades came changes that isolated me even more." Her heart twisted at the way Robin's expression tightened. The way his gaze lowered shamefully. A wound would need to be healed, later. Alone. But for now, her focus was to not cause further injury to the whole.

A flash of the steely determination that had kept her going through the years, filtered through her voice. "The battle between power and weakness, wealth and poverty began, and I was stuck in the middle. Unable to declare my devotion to the one knowing lives would be lost to the other."

She paused, her reflection honest and deep. "So, I fought the only way I knew how." Her gaze met theirs. "Alone."

A slight smile flitted across her expression. "Then Robin returned. And you all joined him. And I wasn't so alone anymore. And now, all the ties that bound me to the castle have been cut. I am free to choose my own way. And I choose Robin. I choose you."

"Even so, that isn't enough." She paused, steeling herself. "I want to know, need to know, if you are willing to choose me back and accept me into your gang. Not as the woman Robin loves, but as one of you. Another fighter. An equal partner. A true member of Robin Hood."

As her speech ended, silence hung like a heavy blanket over the forest.

The gang exchanged looks again and a message was given and received. Will Scarlett was the chosen spokesperson. He stepped forward.

"Marian, we had something to give to you earlier, but…" He paused searching for a delicate way to phrase his explanation. In the end, he chose brutal honesty. "Well, we weren't sure if you and Robin were going to kill each other before we got a chance to present it."

Robin's soft chuckle beside her died as Will held something out to Marian. She could hear Robin's hard swallow.

"You're already part of the gang, Marian." Will stated simply.

"You always have been." Supplied Little John.

Much piped up. "And not just because it was obvious Robin couldn't leave you alone."

"But because you're…" Djaq began.

Much like the night they'd gathered around her corpse, they paid homage to her.

"Noble." Much.

"Clever." Little John.

"Skilled." Will Scarlett.

"And brave." The note of admiration in the Saracen's voice matched the others.

"You complete us." Robin finished for them softly. Tears to spring to her eyes as a lump lodged in her throat.

Will took another step forward and knelt before her. "We are so sorry for your loss. If you can, if you will, please let us be your family now."

Tears were slowly slipping down her cheeks as she silently bobbed her head in agreement. She tried blinking them back but they only increased when Will took her hand in his and lowered the wooden tag into her hand.

A sign of their unity. The mark of their loyalty. The symbol of their family.

"Well, lads?" Robin's cheery voice suddenly boomed through the silence like a call to action. "What do you say?"

"Her, we like." Will Scarlett answered softly.

"Her…" The rest joined in. "…we accept."

Robin's arm slipped around her shoulder, drawing her in to his body. His lips brushed her hair in a gentle kiss as his warm words whispered through her like sunshine.

"Her, we love."

With that, her inclusion into Robin Hood's gang was complete.

And Marian was no longer alone.

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Marian de Knighton

Marian de Knighton
♣ Lady / Nightwatchman ♣

√ LOCALISATION : In the arms of Robin

● Age: 21 printemps
● Titre: Noble
● Inventaire:

By My Side, Your Hand In Mine Vide
MessageSujet: Re: By My Side, Your Hand In Mine By My Side, Your Hand In Mine Icon_minitimeMar 11 Mai - 19:36

By My Side, Your Hand In Mine

- Chapitre 3 : Tell me you love me -

Just before the night...

Marian cooked dinner for the gang after Carter left, because despite her childish protests, she did want to be useful. And if truth be told, Much looked like he could use a break. She kept an eye on Robin as she worked, waiting for teasing comments about a woman's place that never come. He simply thanked her for the food and sat down with Will and John, smiling slightly at their heated debate but not joining the conversation.

After everyone has settled in for the night with Djaq on watch, Marian sat herself next to the fire and rested her chin on her updrawn knees, closing her eyes. She thought of her father, regreted that his last days were spent in a cold, unfeeling dungeon rather than out among the trees and the stars. The thought of Sir Edward still brought a lump to her throat and stung her eyes, but she felt closer to him - closer to home - in the forest than she ever could in the castle. She felt as though she could open her eyes and be back at Knighton Hall, curled up on the hearth with her father in his chair beside her. It's good to dream.

When she finally did open her eyes it was to Robin kneeling in front of her, his fingers brushing a lock of hair away from her face. "Will you walk with me?" he asked quietly, rising and extending his hand. Marian allowed him to lift her to her feet, her fingers interlacing with his as he led her into the tree line. They walked until the light from the camp is a flicker in the darkness, the night sky the only illumination by which she could see his face. He was withdrawn, oddly quiet. She feared nothing when she was with him, but this stillness was starting to frighten her. "What's the matter?" she asksed.

Robin shook his head. "It's nothing."

"Robin," she began, and the sound of his name seemed to shake him out of his fog. Before she could blink he was turned and backed her into a tree, the bark scraping against the fabric of her blouse and the warmth of his form against her own. He lifted her arms above her head, holding her wrists captive with one hand while the other came to rest possessively at her waist.

"Robin, what-"

He cut her off with his lips pressed insistently to hers. "Tell me you love me", he said, a rough quality to his voice that she had heard only a handful of times. It was the tone of his voice and the hardness in his eyes that separated the man she once knew from the legendary Robin Hood. But the feel of her hand in his, the cocky grin that lighted up his face, the way he kissed her with such intent - in some ways, he was not so very different than before.


"Tell me you love me," he repeated.

"You know I do," she replied.

"Say it," he urged, almost a command.

She has said it before, gasping awake with tears on her cheeks and his name on her lips, willing him to hear her across miles and continents. She hasn't said it once since he returned, at first because she had convinced herself that she no longer did; later, because she felt that admitting she loved him more than ever would render her weak and powerless. But he's standing a breath away, desperate and open and thoroughly hers, and she can't find a reason to stay silent.

"I love you," she whispered.

He kissed her with an intensity that knocked the breath out of her, makes her heart beat wildly in her breast. "Again," he breathed against her lips, his fingers gliding over her hip. "I love you," she repeated, softly brushing his lips with her own. "I have always loved you."

Robin released her hands and exhaled wearily. "When you kissed Gisborne, I-"

Marian frameds his face in her hands, forcing him to meet her gaze. "In all my life, there has never been anyone else. Do you hear me, Robin of Locksley? Never." She kissed him again, hoping to convey with her actions that which words cannot come close to describing. His arms wrapped around her, holding her tightly. "Never," she whispered again when the kiss broke.

"Let's keep it that way, shall we?" Robin said cheekily, but the look in his eyes remained somber.

Marian granted him a small smile in return. "I'm game if you are."

He kissed her once more, the only promise she knew he could afford, then stepped back and took her hand. "Come, my love. It's late."

They returned to camp in silence, but it no longer filled her with dread. Robin bid her good night with a kiss on her hand and a look that bespoke his desire for so much more, and it was all she could do to retreat to her nest and left him to his. She lay down, her heart still racing, and touched her fingers to her slightly kiss-swollen mouth.

As she drifted to sleep, she once again remembered her father's final words. It's good to dream, he had said. So she did.
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By My Side, Your Hand In Mine Vide
MessageSujet: Re: By My Side, Your Hand In Mine By My Side, Your Hand In Mine Icon_minitime

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By My Side, Your Hand In Mine

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