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Marian de Knighton
♣ Lady / Nightwatchman ♣

√ LOCALISATION : In the arms of Robin

● Age: 21 printemps
● Titre: Noble
● Inventaire:

MessageSujet: Trick Dim 23 Mai - 18:05


    Épisode de la Saison 2
    Auteur : candyflossgirl
    Titre : Trick
    Genre : Drama
    Characteristics : Saison 2 de Robin Hood
    Rating : G (Tout public)
    Spoilers : Saisons 2
    Fandom : Djaq & Marian with the gang
    Type : One Shot
    Disclaimer :
    Les personnages, les noms et les références à la série Robin Hood sont la propriété entière de la BBC et des créateurs, scénaristes et producteurs de cette série. L'auteur de cette fanfiction n'est lié sous aucune forme avec les propriétaires de la série, ou les producteurs de Robin Hood, et ne gagne pas d'argent avec l'utilisation des personnages de cette série dans la création de cette œuvre de fiction. L'emprunt de ceux-ci ne se fait que dans le cadre privée et dans l'univers du forum et de la fanfiction, dans le seul et unique but du plaisir et sans aucune contrepartie financière.

    All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. Robin Hood is a production of Tiger Aspect Productions & BBC, and created by Dominic Minghella and Foz Allan. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.
    Synopsis :
    L'histoire se situe après l'épisode 8 de la saison 2, "Get Carter!", lorsque Marian est à Sherwood. Une scène amusante illustrant la complicité naissante entre Marian et Djaq.

    Commentaires :

    Pour célébrer dignement l'arrivée de ma nouvelle amie ! ^^

    Marian was happy. Things seemed to be better now she had finally got over her grief at the loss of her father. The boys were out, she and Djaq sat in the camp, in relative silence. Djaq was sorting through her medicine chest, but what she was sorting for, Marian had no idea.

    Suddenly Djaq gave a groan of frustration and banged down the lid of her chest.

    "Everything okay?" Marian looked up from her thoughts, concerned for her fellow woman.

    "Fine, I just asked the boys to get me this plant a while ago and they didn't do it!" Djaq sighed in annoyance.

    "I know how you feel, they can never do anything right can they?" Marian sympathized.

    "No, they can't. Well, I'm going to have to go and get the Catnip, do you want to come?"

    "Okay then," Marian nodded, smiling. "It's better than being stuck here all day."


    The walk was brisk and silent, when abruptly Djaq said.

    "I was thinking about what you said," Marian looked at her, questioningly. "About the boys never doing anything right." She explained.

    Marian nodded.

    "Well, I was thinking, maybe... maybe we could, I don't know... play a trick on them?" She ventured, nervously.

    Marian beamed at her.

    "Great idea!" She smirked, "now this, should be fun!"


    The boys had a shock once they got back. The camp was full of flowers. Flowers! They dropped everything and stared at the garlands of roses and daffodils that lined the three walls of the camp.

    "What... what is this?" Will spluttered, staring around in disbelief.

    "Oh, hey!" Marian stepped out from the kitchen area, she had a daisy chain around her neck and a rose pinned in her hair.

    "Will, Robin, Much, John!" Djaq stepped into the camp and beamed at them. She had daffodils weaved into her hair and two large daisy chains around her neck. "Isn't it nice?"

    She gestured to the flowers.

    "Yes, it makes the camp so much more friendly!" Marian smiled.

    "And it smells gorgeous!" Djaq added.

    "And," Marian cast a smirk at Djaq. "It's so much more feminine!"

    They looked at the boys expectantly.

    "Will?" Djaq asked when there was no answer.

    Will just gaped.

    "Robin? You like them don't you?" Marian asked him innocently.

    He looked into her wide blue eyes and groaned silently.

    "Of course my love." He said helplessly, "they're... wonderful."

    "Oh thank you!" She smiled reaching up and kissing him on the cheek.

    "Will?" Djaq asked again, a hurt expression on her face.

    "Yes," He gulped. "Yes, they're, they're erm, lovely, yes." He cast Robin a dirty look and he shrugged apologetically.

    "Oh, we're so glad you think so!" Marian trilled.

    "Here," Djaq disappeared for a moment and then returned. "We made these for you!" She smiled enthusiastically and draped a daisy chain, first around Will's neck and then Robin's.

    Marian and Djaq stepped back to admire the result.

    "Wonderful." Marian sighed.

    "Beautiful." Djaq breathed, and then turned to her, barely able to conceal her smirk.

    "Come one Marian, let's go get some more!"

    Grabbing her hand Djaq pulled her out of the camp, running down the hill with her, making sure they were out of sight before collapsing into silent hysterics.

    Back at the camp Robin and Will stared at each other in horror.

    "You-you've got daisy chains..." Much stuttered off at their expressions, then they shouted together.



    "Hey Robin," Will walked out to where his leader sat just outside the camp.

    "Hey," Robin turned and looked at him. "You can't sleep?"

    "No," Will groaned. "Can you?"

    "No," Robin sighed. "Every time I close my eyes... the daisies..."
    He shuddered.

    Will nodded in understanding. "I know what you mean."
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