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You Know You're Obsessed With Robin Hood When...

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MessageSujet: You Know You're Obsessed With Robin Hood When... Dim 30 Mai - 0:40

Ayant trouvé ça sur LiveJournal, cela m'a donné envie de commencer avec vous une liste des signes qui montrent que l'on est complètement obsédé par Robin Hood...

Citation :
You Know You're Obsessed With Robin Hood When...

1. Get unreasonably excited when your English teacher mentions euphemisms.

2. See a pigeon and think 'Lardner!'

3. Are tempted to apply to Nottingham University for no other reason than its connection with Robin Hood.

4. Are tempted to say "They aren't crying, they're laughing on the wrong side of their face." when someone cries.

5. Haved watched the Crafty craftsman, Honey euphemism, Booby & the Beast, Will and Djaq barn scene 'episode clips on YouTube countless times.

6. Wish it was October already!

7. Have taken up writing fanfiction again because you have so many ideas of possible situations for your favorite characters.

8. Yell at your family/housemates to shut up so you can watch Robin Hood and not miss anything, even if you've seen it ten times before.

9. Sulk when you discover Will/Allan/Much/Djaq doesn't have a character profile on your DVD.

10. Listen to songs and apply the lyrics to characters from the show.

11. Your wallpaper on your laptop is a character from the show.

12. Search obsessively for cast interviews on YouTube.

13. Randomly hum the theme tune to yourself.

14. Suddenly know where Nottingham, Israel and Acre are on the map.

15. Have tried to find to find Sherwood Forest/Locksley/Acre on Google Earth.

16. Have made your own fan video and posted it on youtube

17. You habitually capitalise "much" in your essays

18. You paid extra-special attention in your Medieval Literature lecture just because it covered Richard I.

19. And when the date "1192" was on the screen? You giggled.

20. You have convinced at least one friend that this show is the greatest thing ever produced by the BBC. EVER.

21. You have run places to find a functioning television to watch it.

22. You start to question at what point in time your life went missing and realize it was when the show started airing.

23. Someone starts a sentence with I'm not being funny but... and you burst out laughing!

24. You take a book out of the library about the crusades and actually read it all.

25. You sign up for archery lessons.

26. You practice sword fighting techniques in your room with a plastic sword while watching the Hood Academy feature on the DVDs.

27. You spell Alan with double L's now, instead of the usual one and always capitalizing the g in the word Guy! even when you're not using it in the context of a name.

28. Have spend a while browsing Robin Hood action figures/playsets on Amazon and wondered why there aren't any Will/Djaq/Much/Allan figures.

29. Hated yourself for not watching the beginning of season 2

30. Wanted to beat yourself up for completely missing the whole Djaq/Will thing.

30. "I'm not being funny...." and "Them I do not like." are now parts of your everyday vocab.

31. You try and get your English teacher to allow you to do your research paper on Robin Hood even though you already started it on Elizabeth I

32. You spend hours whistling in the forest, hoping the gang will show up.

33. You dress up in costume when you sit down to watch the show

34. You dress up in costume even when you aren't watching the show.

35. You've been trying to make your own tag for months. You will not be deterred by the splinters.

36. You make fun of your friends and then say, "Do not be so easily wounded!"

37. The man that owns the local bar has blacklisted you because you keep writing "P" in chalk outside of the building.

38. Before your groups of friends attempts to do anything, you shout "We are Robin Hood!

39. You have a cousin that saw a man turned into a frog outside of a pub in Dorchester.

40. You get that last reference.

41. When your friends suggest stupid things, you immediately answer, "A clue: no."

42. You knock one of your teeth out so that you can get bejeweled replacement teeth like the Sheriff's.

43. You spend hours trying to figure out how it took Guy so long to figure out that whole "Night Watchman" thing.

44. You name things after the characters (i.e. I named my iPod Allan A Dale because it's sexy and looks good in black.)

45. When you encounter a situation where your group of friends has to make a decision, you randomly shove one of your friends and yell, "GO! FOR MY MOTHER! FOR THE BABY!"

46. You call the local bar "The Trip."

47. You can't sit through an economics class without thinking of Robin's Tax Cut speech from series one, episode one.

48. You want to strangle the man at Border's when he tells you that he doesn't know when series 2 will come out on DVD.

49. Your friends whine, and you cut them off by saying, "If I'd wanted a wife, I would've found one with better legs."

50. You start watching other shows because someone from Robin Hood is in it.

51. You're sitting in English and your teacher says "put much, its better then saying 'lots of'" and you think to yourself "Much isn’t a word it’s a name" and then realize. >_>

52. You're just plain out obsessed and know it --- but just don't care.
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Marian de Knighton

Marian de Knighton
♣ Lady / Nightwatchman ♣

√ LOCALISATION : In the arms of Robin

● Age: 21 printemps
● Titre: Noble
● Inventaire:

MessageSujet: Re: You Know You're Obsessed With Robin Hood When... Lun 14 Juin - 21:39

    1 - Vous regardez au moins un épisode par jour
    2 - Vous ne coupez JAMAIS le générique
    3 - Vous chantonnez la bande originale à tue-tête dans la journée, sifflotez l'air de Marian et mummumer aléatoirement le thème principal de la série
    4 - Vous jouez les morceaux de la série à la flûte
    5 - Un frisson vous parcourt au moment quasi-religieux du générique

    - Vous trouvez étrangement que les épingles à cheveux ont plus d'une utilité et servent notamment au bricolage ou encore à crocheter les serrures
    - Vous vous plongez soudainement dans tout ce qui a trait à Robin Hood et revoyez ou relisez même les adaptations que vous n'avez pas forcément apprécié et en découvrez de nouvelles.
    - Vous avez cherché la forêt de Sherwood, Locksley, Knighton et Acre sur Google Earth
    - Vous savez soudainement où se trouve Nottingham et Acre sur une carte
    - Vous obtenez le score maximum lorsque vous tombez sur le thème "Robin des Bois" dans le jeu "Tout le monde veut prendre sa place" (sur Internet).
    - Vous utilisez des images de la série pour votre fond d'écran ou votre image MSN
    - Vous avez une soudaine affection pour le port de la capuche
    - Vous envisagez de trouver une costume semblable à celui du Veilleur de Nuit


    Tout cela, comme vous l'aurez deviné, est du vécu personnel. ^^


    Marian: « Everything is a choice, everything we do.»

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You Know You're Obsessed With Robin Hood When...

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